Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Colorful Book Covers


Happy Tuesday to one and all! I hope you’re doing well this week- staying safe and sane and healthy. This week we’re taking a look at my top ten nine colorful book titles, as well as the strange repository of late 90’s/early 2000’s food knowledge that my brain has retained over the years. Today we also learn why I shouldn’t write posts while hungry. Apologies in advance

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Five Photo Friday

Table Mountain, California: Part 2

Happy Friday, everybody! I’m back this week for the second part of the Table Mountain Showcase (you can see the first part right here), and to warn you that it’s spring and there’s going to be a LOT of flower images coming your way for the foreseeable future. We’ve been enjoying going on long walks and have made it out to a couple hikes, with intentions of heading out again next week.

Sadly the weather forecast is not good- we had our third lowest year on record for rainfall, and the wildfires have been going for a month already. It’s going to a long, tense summer, which is saying a lot, considering how last year we were less than a mile away from a huge evacuation zone…

But that’s not why I’m here! I really hope you guys are enjoying my photography posts, it’s been a challenge to keep up with them, but I’m glad I’ve been getting back into it, regardless, and helps me to focus on the little things in nature, instead of the big things in live I have no control over.

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Book Reviews

Persephone Station, by Stina Leicht

Rating at a Glance…

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

A backwater planet in the middle of nowhere is about to be the starting point for a conflict that involves a convoluted cast of characters. From crime lords to government officials, with a handful of mercenaries, aliens, and hyper-intelligent AI’s thrown into the mix. This is the story of a rag-tag bunch of honorable killers, intent on saving the day, getting paid, and maybe doing the right things along the way. The cast is heavy on female and non-binary leads, the romance is non existent, and the pacing tight, but did it live up to what is was compared to? Read on to find out!

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Top Ten Tuesday

Cover Artists I Adore

I deviated from the prompt this week because I don’t have a ton of titles that would work as color names on my TBR, even with the atypical way that Crayola sometimes names their products, I just can’t seem to decide what color things like “Gearbreakers” or “Alecto the Ninth” would be.

Instead I’m highlighting a handful of my favorite cover artists and/or covers. Not all artists receive the recognition they deserve for their beautiful work, and let’s be honest- a lot of what first draws us to a story is whether the cover is spectacular or not. Without further ado, here is five artists you might recognize the work of, plus ten titles who I couldn’t find credit for, but still adore!

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Book Hauls

Birthday Book Haul: 2021 Edition

Happy Saturday to one and all! Hope your day is going well and you don’t have a hyperactive cat who cannot be contained trying to mess with your day. *pointed look at her own cat*

My birthday was last week, and I’m happy to report that I’ve got a lot of great titles lined up to read now! Do you guys recognize any of these books, or have plans of your own to read them? I have plans to finish A Promised Land today, before diving into the stack, and I’m pretty hyped!

Five Photo Friday

Table Mountain, California: Part One

Happy Friday everybody! How’s your April starting off? Mine has had it’s ups and downs, but I’m barreling forward regardless, like one of those locomotives that break through snow.

Ah yes, snow- I remember snow.

Was it only a few weeks passed that we were enjoying the inclement weather and muttering about the temperature being below 30 degrees? It seems like an eternity ago, especially when you go outside and see the entire world in bloom. Every year around this time (me and my husbands birthdays) we try to go for at least one hike, usually to a place we already know and love. This year was North Table Mountain Ecology Reserve.

Maybe you’ve heard of it, or seen it on Instagram- but it’s nothing compared to actually experiencing the billions of flower that cover the rolling expanse of this geographical marvel.

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Top Ten Tuesday

Books I’d Gladly Throw Into the Ocean

It’s Tuesday yet again, word-friends, and this week we’ve got a chance to work through some of the trauma and horror that books we didn’t like have forced us to endure. I haven’t read a ton of books I hated, excluding required reading in high school, so this took a while to compile, but once I did… it was like therapy.

To be fair, I wouldn’t throw any of these into the ocean, because that’s littering. But I like it in a metaphorical sense- cast it into the seas! Allow it to sink into the depths or be torn apart by crashing waves and curious porpoises! Yeah!

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Five Photo Friday

Lovely, Dark, and Deep…

Happy Friday everybody! Hope the week has treated you well and April is starting off on the right foot! I’ve been able to get out a bit more lately, which has been good for me on a lot of different reasons. It feels good to be out in nature, and with my husband and I both on our way to being fully vaccinated, I’m really looking forward to traveling further then we’ve been able to.

This weeks installment takes inspiration from one of my favorite lines of poetry…

“the woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep,
and miles to go before I sleep,”

and miles to go before i sleep
Monthly Wrap Up

March 2021 Wrap Up

Is March really over already? This month flew by, and unfortunately, I didn’t get to nearly all the things I wanted to. It was a slow month for reading and writing, with very little progress made on my novel or my TBR. That being said, I did manage to figure out a part of the final arc of my story that has been slowing me down for quiet some time (possibly close to three or four months). I still think I’m on track to finish it by late May, and that’s terribly exciting.

There was a lot less novellas, graphic novels, and short stories for me to pick up this month, and considering I am a maniac and decided to start A Promised Land while already a third of the way into Persephone Station, I am not surprised. One book is pretty massive, the other is sizable as well. Hopefully I can make up for it in April, when I get a pile of books for my birthday.

I also applied for a new job! It’s at my local indie book store and I’m got my fingers crossed that I’ll hear back from them in the near future! I’ve wanted to work there for a long time, but was always convinced they’d never hire me. No, I have no reason for that logic, but it is what it is. I’ve been in the food service industry for over a decade now, and my wrists and hands cannot handle this level of strain. So onto a new job it is. Well… hopefully.

Last but not least in exciting news- got my first Covid vaccine! I’ll go back in three weeks for round two, but so far, so good. The injection sight isn’t even sore, plus I got to show off my impressive biceps! I’ve been weight training, so it was fun rolling back my sleeves and showing off the muscle, even if the doctor didn’t notice or care, lol.

Them Things What I Did in March
Top Ten Tuesday

Places In Books I’d Love to Live

I swear, this whole months topics have given me a sense of deja vu, but perhaps that just because I’ve been doing TTT for a while now and the subjects are starting to blur together? This week I’m showing off ten bookish locals that speak to me on an emotional level, some of them are completely fictional, some not, and some are certainly more practical than others.

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