Five Photo Friday

Little Things That Matter

Happy Friday, lovelies! I hope you’re doing well! I’ve had a pretty good month, with plenty of good news and things to look forward to in the future. Jimin’s duet for Our Blues is dropping in Monday. BTS announced their first album in three years. Florence and the Machine are making new music. Hozier is in the recording studio. And last but not least, I’m going to see Stray Kids with one of my best friends. I realize that’s all music-related news, but music is a huge part of my day to day life, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

This week we’ve got more celebrations of spring. This really is my favorite time of year, there’s so much in bloom right now, and I’m happy to say we’ve been getting a lot more rain this month, so hopefully the flowers will continue blooming well into June. I hope you enjoy this weeks selection!

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Top Ten Tuesday

Bookish Merchandise I’d Love to Own

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope you’re doing well and your cat isn’t playing at psychological warfare with you like mine is. *pointedly glares towards Franky* This week I’m showing off some cool book related finds from various makers on Etsy! We’ve got fabulous totes, Austen inspired sweatshirts, gorgeous enamel pins, and so much more! Like, really, there’s a ton of cool stuff under the cut, check it out!

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by That Artsy Reader Girl.

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Five Photo Friday

The Beauty of the Moment

Happy Friday everyone! I’m pretty excited for this weeks post because it’s got some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken so far this year. I decided to start doing 5PF as a way to help me get back into regularly using my camera again, but for the longest time it felt like I wasn’t able to get the same quality images that I used to. I felt like I was was loosing my touch, and whatever skills and knowledge I may have acquired over the years wasn’t showing. This last month I’ve been slowly loosing that feeling, and I’m hoping it stays that way!

The first two images below the cut are ones I’m particularly pleased with, and I hope you enjoy them as well! Thank you so much to everyone who leaves a like or comment, your support is what keeps me motivated to continue with this little hobby of mine! Until next time, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you all in the next post.

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Top Ten Tuesday

Authors I Haven’t Read, But Want To

Hello there, lovely people! I hope you’re doing well this fine Monday night/Tuesday morning. It’s been a long week of work projects and allergies, the latter of which was so bad that it derailed my hiking plans for last week. Lesson learned, I now start my morning off with an antihistamine alongside my cup of coffee, so hopefully I can avoid 11+ hour long allergy attacks in the future.

This weeks TTT is all about authors I’d love to read but haven’t got around to yet. Obviously there are a lot, but I narrowed it down to those that have more then one book on my TBR. It’s the usual mixed bag of madness that you’ve come to expect from me, nature and magic and gay and such. Enjoy! And I’ll see you in the comments!

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by That Artsy Reader Girl.

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Five Photo Friday

Darkling Things

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’re all doing well and you’ve got something to look forward to on the horizon! I’ve been getting outside more and more these last few days, and aside from some drunk woman telling me I need to get a tan, it’s been really enjoyable! I’ve got a hike planned for Monday evening and another one the following Monday, both sunset hikes that I hope will provide me with lots of wildflower shots and green, rolling hills.

This weeks pictures are all from an evening walk I took a couple nights ago, I really liked how the darkness contrasted with the colors of the various flowers, and I think they created something very atmospheric and eye-catching, so I hope you enjoy!

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Top Ten Tuesday

My Top Ten Books Featuring Cats

Happy Tuesday, people! Sorry I missed out on last weeks post, but I’m gonna be honest- I don’t read the sort of books that will become classics, I am a chaotic mess of a human that would rather read books about dragons and witches and gay people wearing body glitter and while this should be more mainstream, it is not. Working at a bookstore has made me resentful and bitter towards so called “literary fiction”, like, what does that even mean?? As far as I can tell it’s stories about sad people under duress, and hi, already there, thank you.

But I digress.

This week I decided to showcase my top ten books featuring cats! It was inspired by my overly demanding cat and the fact that he almost never leaves me alone. So thank Franky for this one, ladies and gentle people, also thank him for the off kilter post, because I’m out of control and it’s mostly his fault (that and I haven’t stopped working for the past seven hours and it’s my day off, what am I doing).

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by That Artsy Reader Girl.

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Five Photo Friday

Evening Walks & Holding Hands

Happy Friday, lovelies! I hope the week has treated you well, mine started out a little rocky, but by the end things had evened out. I’ve been enjoying some nice evening walks with the husband, the county has certainly settled into spring, and it shows in every yard and empty lot. It’s been a touch on the cloudy side these past few days, but I’m hoping to get out for a nice golden hour walk tomorrow evening, especially now that the dogwoods are all in bloom! It’s really my favorite time of year in the California Foothills, everything is so pretty!

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Monthly Wrap Up

March 20221 Wrap Up

Oh, hello there.

Somehow we are a quarter of the way through the year already, how these things happen is anyone’s guess. March was a weird, busy, and stressful time for me, but things seemed to have sorted themselves out *knocks on wood* and with luck and skill April should be a much happier and smoother month.

I’m still in a bit of a reading slump, but I managed to get through a handful of books in March and so far I’m keeping on top of my reading goals for the year. I’m hoping now that the weather is a bit nicer and the sun is out more, I’ll be able to leave the winter doldrums behind and tackle some major reading and writing projects soon.

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Five Photo Friday

Evening Walks & Warmer Days

Happy Friday everyone! After a week of freezing temps, the weather has taken a shift and we’re now disgustingly warm. I really wish I had more time to get out in nature, but with my schedule being all messed up this month, I just haven’t had the chance. But April should change that, fingers crossed, and I’ll be able to shower you all with some new images. We’ve got our annual visit to Table Mountain coming up, as well as a couple smaller, local hikes, then in May we’ll be heading for the coast for our twelve year wedding anniversary. I really can’t wait, I feel like I’ve barely been outside in months, it will be nice to be back out in nature again.

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Top Ten Tuesday

Books With an Adjective In the Title

Happy Tuesday everyone, I hope this post finds you well! Things have been as hectic as usual on my side of the mountain, and I’m also very hungry and incredibly unmotivated to do anything about it. This week we’ve got titles with adjectives in them, and it made me ask the question- Do I actually know what an adjective is?

The answer: maybe.

I mean, I do, of course I do. But also… do I?

*drinks more coffee*

Aaanway, you guys are rad, thanks for always joining me on these crazy, list-making adventures.

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by That Artsy Reader Girl.

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