Five Photo Friday

And I Dance Around in Circles

Ah, hello and happy Friday. I hope the week has been kind to you! I really need to make a point of getting out some soon, before the whole of California becomes draped and smoke once again. Summer? What’s that? We only have fire season here on the west coast.

*sips tea*

Ah, life!

So this week, I’ve got some flower photos- I know, surprise, surprise. But I’m really happy with how the first one came out in particular, so I hope you enjoy them too!

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Top Ten Tuesday

Books for Pride!

Good evening and hello, or good morning and hello, something like that. How are you all doing on this fine late June day? Feeling okay? Healthy? Happy? Crying over BTS- oh wait that’s just me looool. Sorry I skipped out on last week, I was incredibly distracted by personal projects and just didn’t have the inspiration to work on a blog post, but here I am today. And I don’t know if I’ve wished you all a happy Pride? If not, HAPPY PRIDE!!! Be gay, do crimes, read books, woooooo!

This week I’m showing off the top ten books of queerness that grace my TBR. Behold my gay agenda *puts on Todrick Hall*

We about to go off, off, off…

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by That Artsy Reader Girl.

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Five Photo Friday

The Best Moment is Yet to Come…

Hello everybody, how are we all doing out there today? This week I’ve got some lovely shots from The Mendocino Botanical Gardens to share with you all. It really is one of my favorite places to visit, my husband and I have been there countless times over the year and it never ceases to surprise and enchant us, no matter what time of the year we are visiting. If you’re curious to learn more about it, feel free to check out their website here.

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Five Photo Friday

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever…

Wow, wowowowow- going to the coast was so nice, except for the parts that weren’t, but 90% of the time? Excellent, no notes, fantastic. Cold, windy, bright, beautiful, we love to see it. This week I’m showing off the first round of images that I took from that trip, featuring the northern coast’s bluffs and the wide variety of grasses that grow there. The fourth shot features one of my all time favorite grasses (yes, I’m a plant nerd and I have those), it’s common name is Rattlesnake Grass, it’s sadly an invasive species that has spread rapidly over the open fields on the coast, but it’s charming and lovely and when it’s dry it rattles (do not be deceived by the name though, it doesn’t sound like a snake).

Anyway, that’s enough of me rambling about plants, on to the pictures!

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Top Ten Tuesday

Books With Types of Food in the Title

Guess who doesn’t have more than a couple of books with measurements of time in them? This human, right here. So instead, you’re getting books with food in the titles, because that is something I can do. Potatoes? We got ’em. Chocolate? Of course! Mushrooms? I wouldn’t eat them, but we’re including them anyway because nothing can stop us…

Why do I always write like there’s more then on of me? I can assure you that it’s just me throwing this chaos out into the void.

Aaanway! Click on for the good stuff, people!

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by That Artsy Reader Girl.

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Five Photo Friday

Running Out of Things to Say…

Have you ever been in the middle of working on three projects at once because that’s how your brain do and then you see a picture of Jung Hoseok and suddenly you are a shattered, broken mess of a person unable to form proper thoughts let alone convey them to the world? Because that’s where I’m at right now, thanks, J-Hope, I hope you’re happy.

Not but seriously, I really do hope you’re happy, you deserve it.

Anyway! I got back from the coast a couple of days ago and it was pretty great until the last day where we had a lot of bad luck that included stinging nettles, overgrown trails, my husband falling into the ocean (with his cell phone in his pocket), me hitting my head more times then I can count, and hives. Wow, what a day- the other days were good though, and there’s a really funny story involving my grandma’s ashes that I won’t share here because maybe that’s a bit morbid, but she would have laughed hysterically so I don’t think it’s bad.

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Top Ten Tuesday

My Top Ten Comfort Reads

Hello! *sneezes* How are you guys doing this week? *sneezes again* I’m doing pretty good, all things considered. It’s been a busy week, and I haven’t had a lot of alone time in like… two weeks, but someday, someday, I’ll have time to myself, and it will be good.

This week I’m showing off my comfort reads, those go-to stories with familiar characters that feel more like friends then fiction at this point. Some of them are from my childhood, and some are more recent reads, but they are all books that I know I can return to and feel safe and welcome, either from the way they make me feel or the fond memories they hold…

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by That Artsy Reader Girl.

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Five Photo Friday

Warmer Days and Cold Nights

Wow, hello! Is it Friday yet again? I’ve been keeping myself super busy this passed month, with the added pressure of a few projects for work, and time is just flying by. I did manage to sneak away to the coast for four nights, and it was a much needed reprieve (though I found myself missing some of my usual routine, I’m a creature of habit, and if I’m not working, I often feel like I’m wasting time). Mendocino County treated us well, like it always does, so look forward to a fresh batch of ocean and redwood images to be coming your way soon!

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Top Ten Tuesday

Funny Quotes from Books that Ripped my Heart into Pieces


Wooo, we’re going hard this month, aren’t we TTT (and here I am again with the royal we, I have to stop), not sure what I did to deserve this… oh wait, I chose this topic myself. LOL

I need to sleep more.

Anyway! This week I’ve got quotes, great quotes of hilarity and lol-ing but with a twist! They come from books that are not actually supposed to be funny, in fact, they come from books that made me cry! Wow!

I should be in bed, but instead I am working on the blog. I do apologize, I hope you all forgive me.

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by That Artsy Reader Girl.

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Five Photo Friday

Early Arrivals

Ah, Friday, we meet again…

*sidles up to the weekend and gives it a wink*

Man, I am TIRED guys. I think it’s allergies, or maybe it’s the physical and mental drain of being alive in a time of constant strife? But it’s probably the allergies. How are you? I hope you’re doing well on this fine Friday, as I write this there is a moth that keeps hitting the window of my office, that’s absolutely a dark omen, isn’t it? It’s a black moth, and I mean, nothing good can come from that.

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