Five Photo Friday

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever…

Wow, wowowowow- going to the coast was so nice, except for the parts that weren’t, but 90% of the time? Excellent, no notes, fantastic. Cold, windy, bright, beautiful, we love to see it. This week I’m showing off the first round of images that I took from that trip, featuring the northern coast’s bluffs and the wide variety of grasses that grow there. The fourth shot features one of my all time favorite grasses (yes, I’m a plant nerd and I have those), it’s common name is Rattlesnake Grass, it’s sadly an invasive species that has spread rapidly over the open fields on the coast, but it’s charming and lovely and when it’s dry it rattles (do not be deceived by the name though, it doesn’t sound like a snake).

Anyway, that’s enough of me rambling about plants, on to the pictures!






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