Monthly Wrap Up

November 2021 Wrap Up

And so November ends, in a flurry of food and work and not getting enough sleep. I’m pleased to say that the novel is officially in the hands of my beta reader, and so far the feedback has been positive. December looks to be as crazy as usual, but at least there’s presents at the end and a five day vacation starting Christmas Day that I think I’m going to really need once everything is said and done.

A great deal of November was spend fine-tuning the last quarter of the novel, and while there’s a couple scenes I want to rework (fight scenes are hard to write), I’m pretty pleased with it overall. It’s weird being “done” with it, even if there’s some things I still want to touch up… it’s all there, beginning, middle, and end… over a years worth of struggle and angst and hitting my head on my desk in quiet desperation and now I’ve got this thing that I’m going to have to show to people. It’s terrifying.

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