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The Christmas Song Book Tag

I got this tag from That Artsy Reader Girl, it’s part of the annual Bookish Little Christmas and it seemed like a lot of fun. Basically you match up famous Christmas songs with characters from books and we all know how I love to talk about Christmas songs. To simplify matters I’m going to only use characters from books that I’ve read this year, because it’s a lot to unpack otherwise, and asking me questions like “What’s your favorite book?” is akin to asking a panda handler which panda’s their fav. Answer: All pandas, even the ones they haven’t met yet.

Are my analogies normal?

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The Geeky Childhood Tag

Megan over at A Geeky Gal posted this on Monday (and originally got it from Michelle, at A Geek Girls Guide) and I just had to participate. Below the cut are nine questions related to how you grew up geek. I get into Return of the Jedi, Jurassic Park, 80’s era She-Ra, and a plethora of other stuff from decades that are now considered “retro” and it’s strange. Also, high waist jeans didn’t look good on our moms then, they certainly don’t look good on anyone now.

But I digress! Onto the nerdom!

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The Ultimate Book Tag

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I’m trying to be better about producing more content on the ol’ blog, weekly Top Tens and the occasional book review just isn’t enough! I’m also trying to work up the courage to post poetry and vignettes like I did at the start of this adventure, but I’m scared. The looming judgement of the internet awaits! The cavernous maw of other people’s opinions draws near! *runs screaming*

Instead what you get is The Ultimate Book Tag *cues crashing thunder and forks of lightening* Brought to you by Michelle at A Geek Girls Guide. It’s a chance for me to ramble and a chance for you to discover some more about me. Which I’m sure you were all dying to do, brightly burning brand of fascination and intrigue that I am.

Onwards! Towards victory and my cat taking over my keyboard!

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The Hogwarts Tag

I got the idea for this post from A Geek Girl’s Guide– Thanks Michelle for the fun idea!

Twenty years of Harry Potter is a strange and surreal thing to write. Wasn’t it only a handful of years ago I was reading the first book? But no, I suppose the acne is too faded for Junior High to have been a few years back… more like… two decades. *cue dramatic music and a close up on my eyes, looking frantic and cornered*

Anyway, this was fun- a list of questions pertaining to Hogwarts and how you think your time would be spent there.

Chuga-Chuga, Chuga-Chuga, Hogwaaaarts!

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