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A Witch List for Reading

Halloween is almost upon us, and I don’t know about you- but I’m ready to spend my day as a steampunk aviator and my night as a glam rock vampire. To celebrate the season in a blogging sort of way, I’m discussing some of my favorite literary witches. I’ve got your obvious ones from Practical Magic and the Harry Potter universe, but I’ve also got a couple others in there that I didn’t see on anyone else’s list.

So call your familiar and put the lime in the coconut- here’s a look at my top six literary witch loves.


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Autumn Book Releases

Every season makes me want to read, the difference with autumn is that now even more people empathize with me. The weather is on occasion getting colder here in the western Sierra Nevada’s, the leaves are beginning to turn, and autumn book lists are emerging.

Including mine!

Here are eight books I’m looking forward to this fall.

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What I failed to completely read in 2017

Better late then never! Alright, I’ll be honest- I forgot to post this. It’s OK, it still holds truth!

What a year, what a year. Half given to intense bouts of depression and anxiety, I did however manage to wade through a total of twenty four books. Here’s a look back at the ones I just could not finish, which is saying a lot, considering the last time I didn’t finish a narrative was Blackwood Farm by Anne Rice, all the way back in 2002. And while none of these ended with me screaming in frustration and throwing the book at the wall like that did, they were still… not necessarily enjoyable. Also, spoilers.

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What I hope to Read in 2017

Books from the Past Edition

All right everyone, I’ll admit it, I’m behind on books. Of course everyone is- but it’s starting to make me feel guilty. So far I’ve finished six books this year, but there are so many great series out there I haven’t touched because I have an irrational fear of not loving them as much as things I have loved in the past. Look, I never claimed to be logical- OK?

I am especially referring to the fantasy genre- the one I write in and want to be published in. It’s a challenge though, because in times of revolution and change and in grappling with becoming more self aware I have been leaning towards fiction and nonfiction that I feel will widen my world view. But this world is exhausting and depressing, and sometimes I want a break- preferably on the back of a dragon. So, while everyone has already made their lists of things they are most looking forward to being released this year, I am making a list of things to catch up on. Fantasy things, maybe a few sci-fi things as well, but magic is usually what I’m looking for, in life and in writing.

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