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The Christmas Song Book Tag

I got this tag from That Artsy Reader Girl, it’s part of the annual Bookish Little Christmas and it seemed like a lot of fun. Basically you match up famous Christmas songs with characters from books and we all know how I love to talk about Christmas songs. To simplify matters I’m going to only use characters from books that I’ve read this year, because it’s a lot to unpack otherwise, and asking me questions like “What’s your favorite book?” is akin to asking a panda handler which panda’s their fav. Answer: All pandas, even the ones they haven’t met yet.

Are my analogies normal?

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The Halloween Tag


I don’t think I’ve ever met a book lover who didn’t also enjoy Halloween. And why wouldn’t we? The chance to be something different for a night can be similar in ways to reading. Especially when you dress up as a favorite character.

Below the cut are thirteen Halloween themed questions, because thirteen is the most Halloween of numbers besides thirty one. I spent my morning decorating the front windows of my job for October and I never imagined I would be so tired from two hours of fake cobwebs and taking down old lights- wait! Halloween!

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