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Book Review: Gideon the Ninth


Gideon has spent her entire life in place that she hates; the Ninth House. A dark place with little light, no children, and animated skeletons making up a large part of the populace. We meet our hero as she waits for a shuttle to take her far from her life of tombs, prayers, bones and dust; but The Reverend Daughter Harrowhark has other things in mind…

For the Emperor of the Nine Houses has called the heads of each house together for a competition, of sorts. A Necrogoth battle of skill, wit, power, and swordsmanship that can only be played by a necromancer and their cavalier.

Except the Gideon is not a cavalier, and wouldn’t you know it, she and the Reverend Daughter do not get along. They grew up alongside one another, and for all the things Gideon might have hated about the House of the Ninth, she hates Harrowhark the most.

Yet together they travel to the First House, a crumbling Gothic space palace of decaying grandeur and hidden chambers, laboratories and monsters, truth and lies…

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Book Review: Hath no Fury


Years ago, back in the hazy days of 2016, when the elections were still a gaping, open wound in our collective psyche (not the festering sore they are now), there was a Kickstarter I partook in. An anthology of stories about women, for women, by women. Angry women, which is what I was (and mostly still am, if you ignore the anxiety). Years passed, and the outlook for the project took a rocky path to completion. First the original publishers closed their doors, and I vaguely recalling something shifty happening with funding. Release dates passed with no sign of the book actually being made physical, followed by an editor leaving the project, before it was finally picked up by Outland Entertainment.

Now, after years of waiting, my book arrived in the mail, and I’m pleased to say I enjoyed the stories here more consistently then I have with previous anthologies. There were some misses, to be sure, but that’s to be expected from a book that contains so many stories from so many different levels of authorship.

I did things a little differently for the first part of this review. Because the book was so massive I decided to take notes while I read it. Below the cut is an abridged version of that rambling journey, followed by a relatively normal (for me) review.

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Book Review: The Martian, by Andy Weir

The Martian

Alright, confession time; I haven’t seen the movie. I don’t watch a lot of movies, much to the chagrin of my husband, who loves them. I think I’ve seen… three movies this year? That might be too many, because honestly the only ones I can recall are Detective Pikachu and Endgame… hmm…

But yes, The Martian; Follow astronaut/botanist/mechanical engineer as he struggles to Make It On Mars, completely unsure of his ability to survive and convinced everyone on earth believes him to be dead. Also he uses the word “fuck” a lot, and considering the circumstance, I can’t really blame him.

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Book Review: Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Red White and Royal Blue

“History, huh? Bet we could make some.”


Hey Book People and Gentlenerds, hope your week has been full of cool breezes and cloudy skies, unlike mine. Things are hot in the California Foothills right now, though half the state isn’t on fire yet this summer and it’s really nice not having to wear a breathing mask on my way to work. Are you drinking enough water, hydration homey? Because man, let me tell you, that’s a constant battle on my part.

Wait, we’re here for a reason other then being warm at all hours. We here to talk about a book I read that was so absolutely delightful that my face sort of hurt from smiling by the time I was finished reading it. Which I did in less then a day, because it was too good and too pure to put aside.

What is it? I hear you ask, why just a little rom-com about The First Son falling in love with The Prince of Wales, no biggy. Except it’s an amazing thing to type when you think about how far representation has come over the years. If I could go back and tell my sixteen year old self the books she’d be picking up at the local bookstore she’d most like squee herself straight to a hospital visit.

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Book Review: Code Girls by Liza Mundy


I’ve held an interest in WWII since first reading Stephen Ambrose more than a decade ago. But it’s not the statistics of war that interest me, the movements of battalions and regiments, the geography, the numbers- it’s the people.

That’s why I’m often on the lookout for books that focus their narrative on more personal stories; the individual, the tightly knit group- instead of the the big picture. It gives us a glimpse into what life was like then, to wake each morning with uncertainty and fear, unsure as to what the day will bring, how the world will change.

Code Girls is about woman much like my grandmother was at the time, bright young things fresh from school with a desire to help in any way they could. But instead of joining factory lines and growing Victory Gardens, their aid was much more direct; recruited by both the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army, these woman were going to change the face of war and help the Allied Nations gain victory over the Axis Powers…

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Book Review: Shady Hollow by Juneau Black


Shady Hollow is a sleepy town, nestled in the deep woods and far removed from the chaos and dangers of the city. Nothing worse than an argument has ever taken place there; front doors have no locks, the chief of police is usually fishing, and reporter with a mysterious past can focus on quiet things, like the elementary school’s annual spelling bee.

But this idealistic life is soon turned upside down when the local curmudgeon is found floating face down in the mill pond, a knife protruding from his back. It’s up to Vera, reporter extraordinaire to get to the bottom of this mystery, though life in Shady Hollow may never be that same for her or any of it’s residents.

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Book Review: Kraken, by China Mieville

Kraken by China Mieville

You ever wander what would happen if Neil Gaiman had been angrier and more inclined to drug use while writing Neverwhere? Well, look no further, because have I got a story for you. London, not Below, but right there, next to you on the tube, around the street corner, in the apartment next door, knocking on your door, full of terror and blood and magic as twisted as the human mind…

It took my years to get around to reading this, despite wanting to before it was even published. Then I read it, and… well… I’ll try to explain…

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