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Ten Thousand Doors of January


It is done. After yearning to read this since it’s release, I finally got the chance to after the holidays. And I… have thoughts. Most of them a little muddled and confused right now because I’m attempting to write this after a night of excellent food and lavender labyrinths, and without any tea.

Like… augh… argh… how to even start this? I mean, I suppose at the beginning…

January is a precocious girl; rambunctious, a little wild and a little rude- in spite of being raised up to this point by a mysterious benefactor and the various nurses he has hired over the years, as well as having a soft spoken father. We meet her on a hot summers day, while the aforementioned benefactor, Mr. Locke, (his names a metaphor, clever!) makes some business arrangements. January grows bored, and decided that waiting around in a stuffy foyer is not acceptable, and she lets herself out, but not before pointlessly attempting to destroy an expensive vase…

What happens when you are looking for a portal fantasy and instead find… something else?

…Let’s find out!

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The Last Sun, by K. D. Charles

Last Sun

Twenty Years have passed since Atlantis fell. Now New Atlantis rises, built from the remains of humanity; abandoned and forsaken homes and buildings scavenged through spell craft and used to establish a city of magic, decadence, and power.

Our hero is Rune Saint John, detective, assassin, Scion, and last living member of the House of the Sun. With his human bodyguard, Brand, at his side, he is called on to unravel the cause of a horrible presence in the city, and the disappearance of his mysterious benefactors godson.

“My name is Rune Saint John. I am, before anything else, a survivor:”

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Carry On, by Rainbow Rowell


I read it!

Carry On.jpg

It only took me four years (it feels like much longer) but I impulse bought Carry On yesterday (because I have a problem) and then compulsively read it all in one sitting, (because I couldn’t stop). I got 200+ pages in and thought, “Oh, I’ll  just take a little break, beat the next gym in Pokemon Shield, come back to it later,” except that it drew me back in with it’s promises of gay and shenanigans, and probably gay shenanigans, so next thing you know I’m back in the book, wanting to both hug and give some strongly worded lectures to the lead characters.

“I’d eat butter with a spoon if it were acceptable.”
Honestly? Same.

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The Starless Sea, by Erin Morgenstern

Starless Sea Review Image

Eight long years have passed since The Night Circus burst into the literary scene with a shower of black confetti and red rose petal, bewitching it’s readers with gorgeous prose and an imaginative world that made you never wish to leave.

Now author Erin Morgenstern is back with The Starless Sea, a story about stories, a book the intertwines myth and folk tales with modern story telling. The first four chapters alone create a paradox of story and time, providing a mystery so curious that our hero Zachary Ezra Rawlins is compelled to give chase down the rabbit hole, and what he finds is a world of faded gold, dazzling ghosts, and stories. Stories upon stories upon stories; men lost in time, girls who are rabbits, owls who are kings, pirates who are metaphors…

But also not…

“Strange, isn’t it? To love a book. When the words on the pages become so precious that they feel like part of your own history because they are.”

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To All the Books I’ve Read Before…

I’ve read twenty nine books this year, and yet I’ve written… *checks blog* nine reviews? Wait, eleven, if you count the “Provost’s Dog Trilogy” I reviewed all at once. Regardless! The math doesn’t add up- so! I’m doing a mini-review round up wherein I discuss the books I missed in a delicious, bite sized format. Like little cookies of book knowledge for you to put in your face or on your head, or perhaps feed to the monster in your closet. I dunno, you do you, or do whatever keeps the monster quiet.


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Book Review: Gideon the Ninth


Gideon has spent her entire life in place that she hates; the Ninth House. A dark place with little light, no children, and animated skeletons making up a large part of the populace. We meet our hero as she waits for a shuttle to take her far from her life of tombs, prayers, bones and dust; but The Reverend Daughter Harrowhark has other things in mind…

For the Emperor of the Nine Houses has called the heads of each house together for a competition, of sorts. A Necrogoth battle of skill, wit, power, and swordsmanship that can only be played by a necromancer and their cavalier.

Except the Gideon is not a cavalier, and wouldn’t you know it, she and the Reverend Daughter do not get along. They grew up alongside one another, and for all the things Gideon might have hated about the House of the Ninth, she hates Harrowhark the most.

Yet together they travel to the First House, a crumbling Gothic space palace of decaying grandeur and hidden chambers, laboratories and monsters, truth and lies…

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Book Review: Hath no Fury


Years ago, back in the hazy days of 2016, when the elections were still a gaping, open wound in our collective psyche (not the festering sore they are now), there was a Kickstarter I partook in. An anthology of stories about women, for women, by women. Angry women, which is what I was (and mostly still am, if you ignore the anxiety). Years passed, and the outlook for the project took a rocky path to completion. First the original publishers closed their doors, and I vaguely recalling something shifty happening with funding. Release dates passed with no sign of the book actually being made physical, followed by an editor leaving the project, before it was finally picked up by Outland Entertainment.

Now, after years of waiting, my book arrived in the mail, and I’m pleased to say I enjoyed the stories here more consistently then I have with previous anthologies. There were some misses, to be sure, but that’s to be expected from a book that contains so many stories from so many different levels of authorship.

I did things a little differently for the first part of this review. Because the book was so massive I decided to take notes while I read it. Below the cut is an abridged version of that rambling journey, followed by a relatively normal (for me) review.

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