Top Ten Tuesday

Best Books I Read In 2021

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope your Christmas was excellent (if you celebrate it), and you all got some cool stuff from the Santa’s in your life. Things are quiet and cold here in Four Winds world, it’s the first proper December we’ve had in a long time- and while it never really felt like Christmas, at least it felt like winter. Everything is steel grey, the mornings frost laced and foggy, the wind biting and angry. It’s been trying to snow all morning, and we’re expected to get at least a foot of it overnight. Higher in the mountains they’re expecting over six feet, and it’s quiet exciting.

This weeks entry has us taking a look back at our favorite books from the year, and while I can’t say there were any books that I completely adored, there were plenty enjoyed a great deal. We’ve got a mixed bag under the cut- from everyone favorite antisocial robot to role playing graphic novels and a plethora of strange things in between.

Top Ten Tuesday is Brought to you by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Winter’s Orbit

My Review: Winter’s Orbit

One Last Stop

My Review: One Last Stop, by Casey McQuiston

The Crystal Kingdom

The Accidental Apprentice

The Summer of You

Network Effect

The Tea Dragon Society

Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins Volume II

My Review: Critical Role: Vox Machina, Origins

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14 thoughts on “Best Books I Read In 2021

    1. Hahah, don’t be too jealous- we got over a foot and a half of snow and our little community was not prepared! Over 20,000 homes lost power, including ours, for two days, it was a bit of a madhouse… still is, really. You’re right on one count though, i did manage to get plenty of reading done, just wish I’d been warm while doing it!

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    1. It. Is. So. Cute! Like… I literally teared up while reading it because it’s so sweet and pure and lovely. I just got the second volume last week and it was just as good! I really can’t recommend it enough!


  1. I’m jealous of your proper winter, I am so fed up of the grey dampness here. You’ve reminded me I have a copy of The Tea Dragon Society still to read, maybe that can be an end of holiday read. It looks so cute.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tea Dragon Society is an absolute joy, all pure and charming and happy! I just got the second volume last week and it was a joy to read as well- can’t wait to get my hands on the third one!


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