Top Ten Tuesday

Ten Books that Represent Me

Happy Tuesday everybody! Can you believe the month is pretty much over? Now all we have to do is brave the Trials of December and we’re home free! And by home free I mean we’ll be in 2022 and who knows what that will hold for us?

But let’s not jump the gun.

This week’s topic was supposed to be all about book-related memories, except I’m fairly certain I did that already and also, I try very hard to block out about 75% of my existence from my conscious thoughts, so as not to drown in existential dread… So… um… BTS! Wait, no focus! This week I decided on ten books that reflect certain parts of me and my personality, sort of like those memes that have you pick fictional characters to represent you, but with whole books instead.

I wish I slept more.

Top Ten Tuesday is Brought to you by That Artsy Reader Girl.

The Murderbot Diaries Series

For the parts of me that are: Sarcastic, anti social, awkward, and generally disappointed in humanity as a whole.

The Slow Regard of Silent Things

For the parts of me that are: Nervous, shy, certain that there is a proper time and place for all things, and brave in the face of fear.

Song of the Lioness Series

For the part of me that: Just wants to be a lady knight with magic powers and a great horse.

Howl’s Moving Castle

For the parts of me that are: stubborn, suspicious, determined, but also flamboyant and over-dramatic.

The Secret Garden

For the parts of me that: literally wants to spend all my time in a garden or exploring abandoned wings of old manors (IE 100% of me).


For the part of me that: Is a hopeless, pining romantic.

Me Talk Pretty One Day

For the part of me that: Really let down my French teacher.

Gossip from the Forest

For the part of me that: Really just wants to be a bark eating, pagan, cottage-dwelling hermit who never emerges from the forest.

Redwall Series

For the part of me that: Really likes to eat great food and sing loudly.

The Adventure Zone Graphic Novels Series

For the part of me that: Is just a complete queer disaster with a weird sense of humor and only a vague grasp of social niceties.

Well, that was fun.

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    1. As much as I love Christmas, it always feels like I’ve gotta just keep my chin up and push through the days until then, because everything and everyone suddenly requires more time and energy- work, family, friends- there are so many extra obligations but no extra time to fit it all in!

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