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Characters I’d Love An Update On (Where are they now that the book is over?)

Excuse me while I cry over BTS winning all three of their nominations at the AMA’s (they deserve the world).

Hi guys! It’s Thanksgiving week, and I’m… not a fan, lol. This holiday involves a lot of work with very little pay off and long/extra shifts at my job. Boo! I will be surviving on coffee and Kpop for the next month and a half (but that’s not new), and with luck and grace I’ll emerge, butterfly-like, in to the other side of Christmas. At least my manager has already promised me expensive champagne on Christmas Eve, thank the gods for small favors.

But onto the post.

This week I’m talking about characters that I would love to have an update on? Where are they now, are they happy (I’ve decided yes), what’s changed? So many questions and almost no answers, that’s the trouble with stand-alone stories! Under the cut waits a bunch of disaster gays and mad lads/ladies and sassy princesses and more!

*goes back to crying over BTS*

Top Ten Tuesday is Brought to you by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Taam and Jainan from Winter’s Orbit

They had to fight so hard just to be together (not your typical story for an arranged marriage), and now the real work begins as they take up their roles as diplomats. I’d love to see how their relationship develops and how they handle the politics and intrigue of intergalactic relations. I’d also love to learn more about how the government is managed in this continuity, and what all those relics are about, all while watching these two be soft and awesome to each other.

Alex and Henry from Red, White and Royal Blue

I mean, they get married right? What’s that like? Besides absolutely fabulous? And then there would be the honeymoon?! And maybe their could be some sort of mystery for them to solve while they go on a month long tour of wherever the heck they want because they’re two of the most powerful people in the world. They’d squabble, make up, make out, and look great/be hilarious while they do it. Maybe they could even go visit the turkeys that Alex had a sleepover with in the first book! Bless their hearts, I would literally read anything about them at this point, even if it was just them sitting around being domestic and boring, because I love and cherish these two so much.

Everyone in the Starless Sea

So many good characters with interesting back stories! I want to see Dorian meet Zachary’s mom! I want to see the home that Time and Mirabel create with each other. I want to see more of the lands of myth and magic that live below the earth.

Mark from The Martian

While I have like… less then zero interest in baseball, I’m emotionally invested enough in Mark’s happiness to want to know if the Cubs ever win a world series. I’m also curious about his recovery and how he took what happened to him on Mars and processed it once back on earth. Maybe not nearly as intense and exciting as the original story, but honestly, the man deserves some quiet time after all he went through.

Sinjir and Konner from Aftermath

I want to know what Sinjir’s (and Konner’s) life is like after all this! I want to see Sin dealing with politics, Mon Mothma, and bad tasting alcohol! I want these guys to get to go on a date that doesn’t necessarily involve them getting into a fist fight! Sin’s past is so dark and there’s so much to unpack there, I’m curious how his redemption continues and whether it comes back to bite him in the proverbial ass, and how he would cope with that. Too bad Disney is good at making bad choices and we will most likely never get another Wendig/Star Wars story.

Cimorine and Co. from The Enchanted Forest

The last we saw of this (literal) queen was when she reunited with her husband after years of forced separation due to a curse from the dastardly Wizard Society. I want to see them as they settle back into their roles as monarchs and spouses; they were such a sweet and good couple, and I just want them to have the happiness they deserve. Not to mention an update on them would give us an update on Kazul, Morwen, and Talimain (as well as all of Morwen’s cat familiars). Any excuse to return to this world would be a good one, in my humble opinion.

The Marquis de Carabas from Neverwhere

The most interesting character in the book- you just know he got up to some shenanigans after all of this madness took place. I’m fairly certain his life is 90% shenanigans anyway, but my god I bet they are the most interesting shenanigans anyone has ever participated in. I love competent and clever characters, and The Marquis is certainly both, I’d love to get more of him pitting his considerable wit and charm against the magical and twisted world of Neverwhere.

Mary and Dicken from The Secret Garden

Did they ever fall in love and get married? Because they better have… like seriously, those two were meant for each other.

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15 thoughts on “Characters I’d Love An Update On (Where are they now that the book is over?)

  1. Ooh I’m reading The Starless sea now! Zachary just arrived at Harbor so I’m only a little ways in. 🙂

    Winter’s Orbit sounds fun too, I see there’s a read a long of that going on over at SciFi Month but I haven’t read that yet…

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