Five Photo Friday

Autumn Whispers

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve got one more day of work before I’m off to the coast for a couple days, and I. Am. Ready. Autumn continues to be an actual thing here in my part of California, an incredible relief after last years long summer and barely there winter (we skipped Autumn completely). It’s been great getting to experience cold and windy walks, rainy afternoons and foggy mornings once again. Other than that, things are quiet, work is good, and while slow, progress on my novels edits continue. Sure I waste a lot of little time reading fanfic and scrolling Twitter, but it’s fine! I’m still accomplishing my goals, so I”m happy. Plus! Animal Crossing finally gave us that long awaited 2.0 update, sure it shorted us on a bigger Nook store, but at least it gave us 9000+ new items!

But enough random thoughts, on to the pictures!


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