Monthly Wrap Up

August 2021 Wrap Up

Once again I am asking you to tell me where the month has gone. Like… it was just July a second ago, and now it’s nearly September? How? When? Also can I just skip right over the remainder of fire season and get to cooler weather? We’ve been close to having to evacuate once already, and I have to imagine the threat will continue to loom for the next two or three months at least. I want to move to Pennsylvania and have things like rain and fireflies, both of which don’t exist in California.

This month has been crazy productive at least; I’m deep into editing my novel, which has actually proven to be really enjoyable. I love refining and focusing the story, while adding lovely character moments that have made me fall in love with my leads and the supporting cast even more then I already did. Work at the bookstore has been largely enjoyable (if we ignore a few high maintenance/annoying customers), and it’s given me a chance to learn more about photography and Photoshop.

In the wake of this however, reading has taken a bit of a back seat. I have gotten through a handful of graphic novels and little else… as long as you don’t count the long term relationship I’m developing with a particular fanfic author and her pitch perfect stories.

In other news my cat is high maintenance and I could use some more sleep! Woo!

What I Read…

Real talk, I read almost nothing besides fanfiction, and one authors in particular. I’d be ashamed, except I’m not, and her writing is some of the best that I’ve read this year. She has 15 fic and I devoured every. single. one of them. Now I’m caught up and I have to wait till September first for for the next one to even start, and then it will be serialized, and I can only imagine the pain I will feel.

What I Read this Month in Articles…

Favorite Posts from Chasing the Four Winds…

Blog Posts I Enjoyed…

What I Listened To…

I have this feeling that Clinton Kane is going to explode in terms of popularity sometime soon, and if he doesn’t? The world is losing out.
This song is soooo gooooood. Listen, cry, and thank me later.
Fletcher has so much raw talent and deserves so much love.
Years & Years guys! Olly is a shining star in the night sky, a beautiful being who we should all celebrate.
This song, guys. This! Song! I cannot even.

What I Watched…

So, she’s perfect and I love her.
Two platonic soul mates drink fancy boba and embarrass each other. In other news- Shang Chi HYPE.
Another Botched with Babish, Andrew is chaotic good and the botched series will have you laughing and drooling, sometimes at the same time.
Stray Kids dropped a new album this month and it’s AMAZING. This is the first MV they’ve released for it and it’s friggin’ beautiful, badass, and tempered with a few small moments of humor. Damn it feels good to be a Stay.
Max Miller of Tasting History Fame has started a new series called Drinking History, and it’s just great, because Max is great. Love him, you won’t regret it.

Alright lovelies! Hope August treated you well and you’ve got something to look forward in September! I’ll see you all in the comments!

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