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Animals from Books

Happy Tuesday to one and all! Hope this week has been good to you so far! Being an animal person, I am super excited about this post, because today we’re taking a look at my top ten favorite book animals! From God Cats to cabby horses, brave dogs and bold mice, we’ve got the whole zoo, plus some, in today’s entry! I debated keeping the list to true animals- no talking beasts, disgraced polar bear kings, or the like… but that doesn’t sound nearly as fun as including them, so I decided against it. Though with my penchant for fantasy and science fiction, I suppose I should ask myself just how many “normal” animals I’ve read about in the past? The answer is probably not a ton, so here we go!

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Iorek Byrnison
from His Dark Materials

We HAVE to give the number one place to Iorek Byrnison, because… just… we have to. He breaks your heart, he lifts you up. He’s angry, lonely, hurt, powerful, amazing… Say what you will about the 2007 film adaptation (I honestly really liked it) but the confrontation scene is INTENSE!!!! I went with a full audience on opening day and let me tell you, the entire theater lost their minds at the final two blows of that fight. I get chills just thinking about it. I love, love, love Iorek. Honestly, even having said that, I don’t think I can reiterate it enough. Best bear. Hands down. And that’s a high standard, because every bear is the best.

Warning for graphic CG bear on bear violence- no blood, but honestly… it doesn’t matter. But also! Look at how sad Iorek’s eyes are! I love him.

The Cat/Faithful/Pounce
from The Tortall Series

A close second is The Cat- a god, a constellation, a companion, and an advisor (even if you don’t necessarily want his advice). We first meet him in In the Hands of the Goddess, as little more than a ball of fluffy black fur with disconcerting purple eyes. He’s mysterious, with powers that are never fully revealed, and motivations that may or may not align with those of the Great Mother Goddess. One of my favorite characters from the Lioness Quartet, he’s wildly intelligent and capable of quiet a lot of damage, be it physical or verbal.

Photo by Pixabay on

Every Dinosaur
from Jurassic Park

Every dinosaur is a good dinosaur, it’s not their fault they were cloned back out of extinction by an elderly megalomaniac and his team of ethnically questionable scientists. Sure some of them would eat me, but I can’t blame them. I can, however, love them- from the distance of 66 million years. Particular favorites? Parasaurolophus has always been a strong contender, followed closely by ankylosaurs, and a good deal of fondness for the small brained but spiky stegosaurus– and now you know more about my opinion of dinosaurs than you ever wanted. Sorry (I just love them)!

I am so with Dr. Grant/Dr. Sattler on the intense dinosaur emotion train.

Gonff the Mouse Thief
from the Redwall Series

You are introduced to Gonff in Mossflower, quiet possibly my favorite book from the whole series. And by introduced I mean he’s tossed into a prison cell with the main character, only to reveal he’d been hiding food somewhere on his person and had the means to escape with his newfound cell mate coming along for the ride. What follows is a shining example of BFF’s in mouse form, as Gonff charms and sings his way through a forest filled with friend and foe (so many f’s). He’s witty, funny, bold, and honorable, despite taking on the self made title of Prince of Mouse Thieves (there are no other mouse thieves).

Our boi Gonff is the one with the flute and the carefree attitude.

from The Magician’s Nephew

Strawberry was only a simple London horse, used to pulling around a handsome cab through the smog ridden streets, never knowing open fields, clean air… or flight? Flash forward to the birth of Narnia, where Aslan is singing an entire world into existence. Our brave steed ends up there are what is quiet possibly the worst day of his life (I may respect Jadis, but her treatment of animals is NOT cool), and Aslan, being the Nice Lion Fella that he is, offers him a new job- the sire of all flying horses in Narnia. Bam! Wings! Bam! Flight! Bam! A whole entire career change for our boy, not to mention a new name and a new perspective on life.

from The Grey King

A Welsh Sheepdog with “silver eyes that see the wind”, Cafall is the reason Will didn’t die out in the Welsh Highlands, saving him from a tumble, and triggering his dormant Old One memories. His human is Bran, a young albino boy with golden eyes, and the two of them are inseparable. In Arthurian legend, Cafall is the name of King Arthur’s dog, and our boy carries on that noble legacy in this story.

Bill the Pony
from the Lord of the Rings

Shadowfax gets a lot of love for obvious reasons; being THE Lord of Horses, getting to carry former Maiar turned Istar; Gandalf, saving the day at Helm’s Deep and Gondor, not to mention getting to be a flashy white horse who has a perpetual case of the zoomies. But Bill is where it’s at, this stoic friend would have gone anywhere, probably even the Mines of Moria, if it meant being alongside Sam. Of course, in the books he flees from the Watcher in the Water (smart move, really) but we are assured that Gandalf had a long talk with him and said “words of guard and guiding” and when we see Bill again, he’s safely at Bree, having been restored to proper health by a stay in Rivendell. What a guy. He also gets a chance to kick his former owner, Bill Ferney, in the rear, so good for him!

Bill is all for second breakfast, I’m sure.

Every Tea Dragon
from the Tea Dragon Society

Tea Dragons are small and adorable versions of your typical fire-breathing giants. It takes a great deal of diligence and care to raise these creatures, and with successful nurturing, you get to harvest small amounts of tea from them! The tea is very special, and contains magical properties, while also being extraordinarily rare, as Tea Dragons are slow growers, and like I mentioned, take a lot f care. But they’re super cute and have wonderful personalities! I think raising them would be the perfect job for me.

There it is, lovelies! Recognize any of these beasties? Sound off in the comments and let’s talk about the fluffy, furry, scaly friends you like!

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23 thoughts on “Animals from Books

    1. Bill does get overlooked! He’s a good boy taken from a rough situation, I’m glad for him he got to go home with Sam and live the rest of the days in the Shire, which has to be the happiest place in Middle Earth for animals!


    1. I honestly thought I was going to breeze right through this- but then I realized that a lot of the animals I liked are from the same authors/series (Tamora Pierce, Brian Jacques, etc.). It actually took quiet a bit of effort to come up with individual animals from separate series, I found myself browsing my “read” list, desperate to find a book that didn’t have yet another dog or horse! But it was hard, I can’t blame you for lumping some groups together!

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