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Back to School


Happy Sunday, party people! It’s September, and time for back-to-school in a lot of places. This week we’re taking a look at schools in fiction and trying desperately to avoid mention of Hogwarts; because, let’s face it- that’s been done. By me. By you. Probably by everyone we know and a lot of people we don’t.

Seriously Geeky Sundays are brought to you by Heather over at Just Geeking By, check it out and join the fun. Every week has interesting prompts, and the questions are quite unique.

Which fictional school is your first choice to study at and which is your absolute last?

circle of magicWhile not technically a school Winding Circle from Tamora Pierce’s Circle of Magic series is a place of learning where four wayward students were sent after proving ill suited for the teachers and teaching methods of a more traditional school. As someone who had to transfer late in high school due to similar difficulties, I think I’d also find myself at Winding Circle and their non traditional teaching methods would be right up my alley. I would love nothing more then to live with two kindly adepts (Rosethorn and Lark were in a committed relationship, right?), do chores, cook, and study in a temple/community that focuses on creation and kindness. I could only hope that I would be gifted in garden or cooking magic, because that’s where my real life interests really lie.

As for what I would hate? I would never turn away an opportunity to attend Brakebills College, from The Magicians, 61gavpmnlel._sx679__1but I might really, really hate the elitist attitudes and demanding studies. I’d work my heart out to excel, because normal life is boring and who wouldn’t take a chance at learning magic, but I get the feeling I wouldn’t be entirely happy.


Next; choose a fictional uniform to wear to your new school (i.e. what’s your favorite?)!

Nothing beats Jedi Padawan robes for style and comfort. Seriously, are we training our bodies and minds rigorously for the benefit of the balance of the universe, or are we at a Napa Valley spa retreat? I can’t tell. The Padawan braid is a slightly questionable fashion choice, but it’s better then a rattail. *reads the wiki* Uh, actually, the Padawan braid is listed on the wiki page for rattail, which isn’t necessarily true, as the Jedi had their braid under their right ear and wore it over their shoulder. Regardless, get me in those off-white tunics and leggings and let me train!

What fictional subject/s are you studying?

Like I mentioned before, I really enjoy baking and gardening, so I’d like to think my focus would be on… essentially magical home economics. I’d love to learn about plants and nurture an enchanted garden, as well as develop recipes that have all sorts of benefits for those enjoying them, or just taste absolutely amazing. It would be fun to create meals like Tita does in Like Water  for Chocolate, where people can experience emotion and memory while they were dining.

What is your favorite fandom set in a teaching setting?

We’re saying Star Wars even though there’s no setting specifically for teaching except in the prequels. Every trilogy is about a student (or multiple students) and their successes and failures; even if they’re learning in a non traditional setting from non traditional sources. I wish the sequels had been different and taken the road less traveled with their subjects, but what are you gonna do?

Oh no! The younglings!

Which fictional teacher is your favorite, which is the most useless and who do you find the most inspiring?

Favorite: Shota Aizawa from My Hero Academia; I identify strongly with his exhaustion and apathy.


Useless: Ugh, I think my hand is forced and I’m going to have to reference Harry Potter, because who can forget Gilderoy Lockehart and his lies? You can’t get much more useless then being someone with zero experience in your claimed profession.

Inspiring: Elodin, from The Kingkiller Chronicles. Mad? Maybe? Totally unbothered by what others think of him? Absolutely. This man’s lack of caring is something I constantly aspire to (and fail to achieve).

School’s just started; who’s in your school gang? Who’s the bully, the jock, the cheerleaders, popular kids, nerds etc.

The Bully: Grace Hensley from Witchmark

The Jock: James T. Kirk (but make it Chris Pine ’cause I like the blasphemy) from Star Trek

The Head Cheerleader: Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars

The Popular Kid: Alex from Red, White & Royal Blue

The Nerd: Aziraphale from Good Omens

The Bad Boy: Crowley from Good Omens

My Best Friend: Celia from The Night Circus

Our Social Circle:
Rune and Brand from The Tarot Sequence
Zachary and Dorian from The Starless Sea
Nora from Red, White & Royal Blue
Barack Obama from Hope Never Dies

Well, there it is, word peoples! Hope your week is wonderful and I’ll see you next Sunday for a look at reboots, remakes, fairy tales, and stories of all kind, on Roald Dahl’s birthday! Until then, happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. I thought my answer of the Winding Circle was going to be pretty out there, ha ha, I should have known! 😀

    I’m really interested to see what we learn about the Jedi in the new High Republic series that is on the way. I feel like the prequel didn’t offer us much information regarding the teaching methods of the Jedi and what we did see was them in a wartime situation. Not exactly the ideal time to teach students!

    I also really appreciated your intro about Harry Potter; I was quite surprised that most of the entries didn’t have much – if any – Hogwarts in them. I couldn’t even bear to mention it, I’m just completely put off the fandom and I’m not sure if my interest will ever return.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If there’s an excuse to mention Tamora Pierce, I’ll proabably take it! >_< That being said, Winding Circle sounds like the perfect learning experience. I would have been so much happier in that sort of enviroment that a regular school!

      Harry Potter is just so difficult anymore; I try to focus on the fan base and all the creativity and joy they have brought into the world using HP as inspiration, but I look at my collection of first edition hard covers and I just get sad. I'm with you, I'm not sure if my interest will ever return, something pretty drastic would have to happen, I think.

      I admit- I'm not up to date on what's happening in the Star Wars world, in terms of what coming out… except the Obi Wan series, THAT I am waiting for with baited breath.


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