Top Ten Tuesday

Villains I Love (& Sometimes Love to Hate)


This week was a freebie, so of course it’s riddled with Tamora Pierce, Draco Malfoy, and DINOSAURS. We’re talking villians and antagonists today, ladies and gentlebeans, those delightful foils that we love and hate and without, wouldn’t have a good story to devour.

Also it hasn’t stopped snowing for over 12 hours. This time last week it was near 80 degrees. California is a strange place in so many ways. *hugs her state* but I love you.


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Ozorne from Tempests and Slaughter: He’s stylish, ambitious, and I mean, essentially a Slytherin. In this book we can love him and cherish him for the bastard he is not, but eventually, he’s gonna turn, like milk left out in the hot Catharki sun. I mean, we know from later stories that besides being Emperor he is Lord of Bad Choices, but right now, he’s just a kid with a really intense mom and an uncle who is gonna die soon.


All the Malfoys from Harry Potter: Lucius and Narcissa joined together to give the world the living, breathing, gift that is Draco Malfoy. It was hilarious when J. K. Rowling came out and said she found it disturbing how fans loved him, but what she didn’t take into account is how much more rounded and nuanced the fan!vision of Draco is compared to the one she gave us. Fandom Draco is my cannon boy, because he’s so much more then a one dimensional whiner with a penchant for drama. And Felton owned this role, even if sometimes they made him a caricature of what he could be.

Red White and Royal Blue

Politics and International Relations in Red, White and Royal Blue: Without these, there wouldn’t be much of story, would there? So even though they are in the way of true love, we need them for Tension and Suspense, which is really important for all stories, not just ones with Queen Karaoke and evil turkeys.


Rae Slone from The Aftermath Series: You’re not supposed to like the Empire, with their high collars and British accents (well some of them have that), they have all the Hollywood markers of being bad people. But Rae just wants order, she just wants reason. She just wants people to stop obsessing over this “force’ nonsense and get their shit together. Honestly? Same.

uncomfortable Cas

Social Interactions in The Murderbot Diaries: Nothing can stop Murderbot, I mean, they’re an augmented cyborg made for protection, so they’ve got a lot of their basis covered. Super strenght? Check. Incredibly fast reflexes? Check. Combat training? Check. But get them into a social situation and it’s all downhill, just another reason to really love Murderbot and all they’re trying to do.

Woooo Nedry

Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park: Who doesn’t love dinosaurs!? As a kid growing up in the nineties dinos were a BIG part of my life. I watched the original Jurassic Park everyday after school for an entire year (bless my grandmother for her kindness and patience). And who isn’t rooting for the T Rex? Like really? The T Rex is the hero of the whole series. He’s the Captain America to this franchise, while the raptors are Iron Man. Iron Man might be more popular, but the Captain is the best person and hero. Don’t tell me I’m wrong, I won’t listen.


Setebos from Illium: How to explain Setebos? Imagine a far flung future Paris that is hit by an enormous meteor that just so happened to be carrying a god creature worshiped by the witch Sycorax in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Now imagine that god creature is a HUGE BRAIN WITH HANDS. Hands coming out of it everywhere. And also imagine it having incredible psychic powers. Then imagine it reproducing a bunch of baby Setobos brains that also have little hands and exert HUGE AMOUNTS OF PSYCHIC PRESSURE.

There. That’s Setebos. It sucks. You will haaaate it. Illium’s a great story though.


Them Lions from The Man Eaters of Tsavo: THE LIONS ATE EVERYONE!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!! Sure, modern historians argue that the lions probably ate about 35 people versus the 135 reported in this story, but still. That’s  35 people these crafty cats pounced on and dragged away. Good job lions, that’s what people get for messing with your stees. Don’t take that crap.

The Martian

Mars, from The Martian: It wouldn’t be much of a story without our main antagonist, Mars. If it weren’t for Mars we’d probably have a slice of life anime about Mark Watney watching Cub’s games and pining for Martinez (though honestly, I’d read it). Mars is there to sabotage our hero’s every move, and yet, we love our big red angry planet and super would love to visit it someday, probably with Elon Musk.



There it is lovelies, stay safe out there. I’ll be playing Animal Crossing while you’re reading this no doubt, if you play it too you should tell me so we can be excited about it at each other. I AM SO READY TO TERRAFORM MY OWN ISLAND.

Also WordPress doesn’t recognize “terraform” as being spelled correctly.

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