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Books to Look for in Spring 2020



Spring made it’s unsolicited arrival in February this year, forcing us to deal with seventy plus degree weather and general confusion when we should be battling out way through wind driven rain and snow flurries. And with it brought a flood of Spring book announcements, many of which I will take well passed Spring to get to.

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How to Be

How to Be Fine: I used to be more into self help books and their ilk till I realized that maybe these books were making me feel self conscious about all the things I wasn’t doing,  which in turn made me feel like I wasn’t trying hard enough, and that all my problems where my own fault. Not healthy when it’s not true. That being said, I do like reading about other people trying out self help books and talking about their experiences, like the lady who tried to live by the bible, literally, and ended up doing a lot of strange things, because (spoiler) the bible has some weird stuff in it.

Release Date: March 17th


Sharks in the Time of Saviors: This books sound out there and I’m here for it. A seven year old boy is hand (jaw?) delivered back to his parents after he falls overboard into shark infested waters. The catch, he was delivered by the sharks. The summary doesn’t give a lot of way, but our seven year old boy grows up to be a paramedic in Portland with powers and those powers cause a lot of family drama. I don’t know what I’d be getting into by reading this, but sharks, sooo… *shrugs*

Release Date: March 3rd

Empress of Salt

The Empress of Salt and Fortune: A young and unwilling empress, the handmaid who befriends her, the enemies they destroy. Described as Margaret Atwood meets Asian period dramas, the books sound like a beautiful take-down of a monarchy and a delicate dance of intrigue and lies.

Release Date: March 24th

Queen of Coin

Queen of Coin and Whispers: *whispers* Lesbians? *pokes book* Lesbians! The blurb sounds pretty basic in terms of fantasy intrigue and royal polotics and all that jazz. It’s the authors comments that make me more interested. “Flirting through books?” Yes please. A queen who actually wants to rule? Give me. Kind family and supportive siblings? I’ll take it. It sounds like fantasy without the currently overused tropes of back stabbing brothers and sisters and cruel step parents and throws them right out the window, and I like it.

Release Date: April 23rd

Southern Book Club

The Southern Book Clubs Guide to Slaying Vampires: A small town book club faces off against a charming and dangerous vampire, the premise sounds so Sunnydale that I cannot not want to read this. I’m expecting it to be funny and spooky and I love it when books can be both of those things. And it comes out on my birthday! So cool!

Release Date: April 7th

Glass Magician

The Glass Magician: It’s set in the Gilded Age, which is a selling point for me right off the bat. It also deals with illusion and shape-shifters and that swan is also a skull and I just love the cover art, OK? Thalia is a young woman without the ability to shape shift, but she is a stage magician on the verge of changing her life for the better… or dying, absolutely one of those two. Also released on my birthday! So special!

Release Date: April 7th

By the Book

By the Book: So, the main character is fifteen, which my be a problem, but the cover reads, “A novel of prose and cons” and I… love that more than I have any right to. A Pride and Prejudice type story about wrong impressions and second chances, with a heavy dose of references to classic novels. It sounds fun, and hopefully it will be enjoyable enough for me to not mind that the MC is a sophomore in high school.

Release Date: May 12th

Silver and Shadow

Of Silver and Shadow: Rebellion, rogues, secret magic. Sounds like a recipe for a good time if you ask me. Ren doesn’t want to be part of the revolution, but when it’s wealthy leader discovers a secret she doesn’t want revealed, she’s left with no choice but to aid him. Too bad the rebellion is no secret and there are scores of soldiers looking to gain from their deaths.

Release Date: May 26th

Queens Secret

The Queen’s Secret: Taking place between 1939 and 1945, this work of historical fiction focuses on Queen Elizebeth and her rise in power during WWII. I’ve always harbored a fascination for the royal family, and love getting to read about them and their handling of the World Wars. They carry a vast legacy on their shoulders, it never ceases to interest me how years of tradition and the heavy weight of history effect their world.

Release Date: May 19th


Feathertide: Marea was born with golden feathers growing from her back, and she was raised in a crumbling house far removed from the outside world. But when a tutor awakens her desire to see the world outside her windows for herself, she goes in search of the father she never met. It got compared to The Night Circus, which I am currently rereading and completely here for, not to mention the City of Murmurs sounds beautiful and melancholy, a combo that is hard to beat. It doesn’t come out till midsummer, but we’re ignoring that in favor of even numbers and making this list a complete Top Ten.

Release Date: July 30th

There is is party people, hope your Tuesday is good and your week even better.

11 thoughts on “Books to Look for in Spring 2020

  1. Definitely hyped for The Southern Book Club’s Guide because THAT premise just completely fascinates and excites me!! Also: I absolutely feel you on the being in love with the ‘prose and cons’ catchphrase front because HARD SAME. I would even go so far as to say that I would’ve adored the title even mORE if it was just called ‘A Novel of Prose and Cons’ instead of ‘By The Book’ first. But! I still love it, of course. PS: The Empress of Salt and Fortune cover is STUNNING.

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