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Authors & Their Social Media


Social Media, that thing I avoid even though lots of sources tell me I should be on them making a name for myself. Except that they are all sort cesspools of gross sometimes and I have enough of that in my life I don’t need more thank you very much. But there are stars in the darkness, after all, and authors and artists tend to be just that, in more ways then one. So if I had a twitter account, here are the people I would follow first.


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Who else could top the list except Chuck Wendig? If you’ve spent time on my blog then you are well aware how much I love this mans sense of humor. His Star Wars books are currently my BFF, and he also reviews apples. He has a dog named Snoo Bug and foxes in his yard and he is a hilarious, leftest-leaning word wizard who makes me laugh and think and really, I wish more authors were as communicative and awesome as him. He does lean hard into politics a lot, but between that you get things like this…

Casey McQuiston is a magical cinnamon roll of a person who deserves flowers and kittens for giving us Red, White and Royal Blue. Sweet, smart, and funny, her Twitter is a treat, but her Instagram is best because you get more pictures of her dog, Pepper, who is also a perfect being like her owner. Though her Twitter does occasionally gift us with things like this…

Cat Sebastian, writer of gay mystery has a hilarious sense of humor and a foul mouth. She writes fictional (mostly) gay romance and she’s great.

Erin Morgenstern has a pretty low-key online presence, but I still love her blog and twitter for it’s video game mentions and music recommendations. Also Vesper, her cat, is an adorable ball of fluff famous for giving looks such as this…

I love Tamsyn Muir for a lot of reasons, but one of them is because of how often she retweets fanart and cosplay her adoring followers create. I don’t know what it is, but creators geeking out over other creators sets a tiny ember aglow in my sad, dead hearth of a heart. She’s smart, relatable, and funny.


Edgar Cantero wrote one of my favorite books of 2017, Meddling Kids. A Scooby Doo inspired horror romp with lady lovers and dogs and REALLY BIG god monsters. It was so much fun to read, and I can’t wait for his next one to come out, because it’s looking to have a lot of the same elements, and I am thrilled.

So I have to read any of Victoria Schwab’s books, but I feel pretty comfortable in assuming I will love them. Also her twitter is funny, and really I’m just looking for ways to release more dopamine into my brain, so funny will always win over everything else.

Now for the author I’m constantly saying can do better. Yes, I’m looking at you, Tamora Pierce, because I search nearly every. damn. day. for news on the sequel to Tempests and Slaughter and I. get. nothing.


At this point I’d be excited just to hear it was still being worked on, because if I’m honest- I don’t think it is. But who knows? Her website is currently down and her twitter only gets updated with retweets and adverts for youth writing groups. No example tweets here, because it would just be me reflecting on my disappointment anyway.

So there it is lovelies, good luck with the rest of your week, I hope it is awesome and amazing and full of adventure, or at the very least, some really good food.

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