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Literary Date Night


Happy almost Lupercalia everyone! Time for fertility rites and auctioning women off by lottery… *checks notes* Wait… wait… It’s a time for romance, and tiny paper cards, and people waiting till the last second to buy gifts despite the day always happening on the fourteenth. You can tell I work in retail, can’t you?

This weeks TTT was a “love freebie” which I decided to interpret as what characters would I absolutely try and date presented with the opportunity. And to top it off, we’re taking them to different places for the big night, because why stop at one thing when we can do two? Will I regret this half way into the list? Maybe! I’ll let you know!

(Also pretend these are all the adult versions of any characters that might have been children in their respective novels, I want a fun date, not several hours of babysitting)

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Gideon the Ninth: She’s got a great sense of humor and she’s a ginger, two things that are very high ranking on my “Would I Date You?” Scale. She’s been stuck on a planet as dry and dead as the necromantic abominations around her, so she deserves to go somewhere warm, colorful, vibrant, and alive.


Date Night Local: We’re going to a Los Angeles and seeing the Derby Dolls, then afterwards were going to Koreatown and getting boba tea at Snow Monster.

Dickon Sowerby from The Secret Garden: He loves animals and can ride a horse (OK, a pony, but he’s gonna be taller and older here, so we’re ignoring that). I also imagine he hasn’t gotten to far away from Kent, England in a long time, if ever.


Date Night Local: We’re traveling north to Aberdeenshire, Scotland, where we’ll spend a day volunteering at the Wildlife Rescue Centre before taking a relaxing walk on the beach and an unfussy dinner at The Bay Fish & Chips Shop.

Henry Tilney from Northhanger Abbey: Enjoys long walks in the woods, likes to read, has a sarcastic and quick witted sense of humor, and knows muslin, I’ll take him over Dorsey any day of the week. Sure his dad’s a controling jerk, but we all know that Henry is willing to stand up to him when it counts, and he’s been such a good brother to his sister! He’s just the best.

Date Night Local: A morning spent at the V&A sounds perfect, as we can wander through 500 years of fashion history and Henry can make quiet, disparaging comments about bonnets and hems. Afterwards we’ll take a stroll through Richmand Park and end it at the Petersham Hotel. All very posh and proper, but with plenty of opportunity for Henry to be hilarious.


The Marquis of Carabas, from Neverwhere: Sure this is a wild card, but ever since I saw Peterson Joseph play him in the BBC miniseries he has been high ranking on the crush list. Think of the stories he could tell (if he chose), the places he could take you (if he wanted)- the possibilities are nigh endless.

Date Night Local: I would want to leave this one completely up to him. Sure that might be dangerous, but honestly? I could use the excitement. I’m picturing exotic corners of London Below, rife with enchantment, dangerously delicious drinks, and multitudes of fairy lights.

Jas Emari from the Aftermath Trilogy: Sure she’s a Zabrak bounty hunter, but she’s got a heart of gold and a will of pure steel. Is she into girls? Dunno, but we’re suspening that lack of information in the nether for the sake of this post.

Date Night Local: We are so going to Q-Zar on Long Island. It’s probably one of the coolest laser tag arenas ever, and with an online map available, we’ll be able to plot out our plan of attack over lunch  before arriving and completely wrecking every child and parental unit there. Then it’s over Jupiter Disco for celebratory drinks and dancing under the soft glow of purple neon.

Garath II of Naxen from the Tortall books by Tamora Pierce: I had such a crush on him in the Lioness Quartet, imagine my disappointment when I saw him bogged down by responsibility and work in the later novels. It’s time for a vacation Gary! No more “heavy set and pale” descriptions for you! We’re going south!

bora bora

Date Night Local: He’s nobility, first cousin of the king for goodness sake, so we’re sparing no expense on this trip (also it’s a trip, not a date). Bora Bora here we come! Even if you haven’t heard of the St. Regis Bora Bora Resort, you’ve probably seen pictures of it. We’re getting a bungalow and spending all day (every day) in the water or exploring the coast line. We’ll swim with mantas, play tennis, and unwind at the spa. By the time we leave he’ll have rediscovered his melanin and muscles, and we’ll have had a great time.

 Alright, the regret is setting in…

Woo! So there’s just six this time around, but honestly- that’s really all I could pull up from the hundreds of books I’ve read. I don’t know about you, but there’s not too many characters I’d want to date considering all the emotional baggage and obligation most protagonists have. Also some of them are animals, and I’m not really here for that.

Here’s a happy Valentine’s to those of you who care to celebrate it. Today (Monday) is my only day off this week, and let me tell you- it’s wearing on me. So much fun getting sick and then having to go right back to work during one of the busiest times of the year and picking up a bunch of extra shifts. Will I ever feel rested again? Probably not.

11 thoughts on “Literary Date Night

    1. Agreed, that’s why my list was relatively short this week. I scanned through over 300 books and all I could come up with was six characters I liked enough to date, and even still- I feel like a few of them might hit a lot of rough patches (I’ve never tried dating a bounty hunter before, but I have to imagine it’d put a strain on the relationship).


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