Top Ten Tuesday

Blue on the Books


Guys I am so sick. I AM SO SICK. I have strep throat and an ear infection and I’ve missed two days at work and honestly I’m lucky I even remembered it was Tuesday today because my life has been nothing but pain and suffering and fevers for the last four days. That is why you get a weird title this week and the summaries are gonna be…

Well, I’m sick.

*wails quietly*

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Book Reviews

Ten Thousand Doors of January


It is done. After yearning to read this since it’s release, I finally got the chance to after the holidays. And I… have thoughts. Most of them a little muddled and confused right now because I’m attempting to write this after a night of excellent food and lavender labyrinths, and without any tea.

Like… augh… argh… how to even start this? I mean, I suppose at the beginning…

January is a precocious girl; rambunctious, a little wild and a little rude- in spite of being raised up to this point by a mysterious benefactor and the various nurses he has hired over the years, as well as having a soft spoken father. We meet her on a hot summers day, while the aforementioned benefactor, Mr. Locke, (his names a metaphor, clever!) makes some business arrangements. January grows bored, and decided that waiting around in a stuffy foyer is not acceptable, and she lets herself out, but not before pointlessly attempting to destroy an expensive vase…

What happens when you are looking for a portal fantasy and instead find… something else?

…Let’s find out!

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Top Ten Tuesday

The Newest Titles on my Bookshelf


There are always two waves of books during winter, the first one comes at Christmas, when my husband- the only person who knows and understands me, buys me mostly books. The second comes a couple paychecks after  Christmas, when I buy all the books I didn’t get but obviously need.

(On a side note, I recently changed my desktop image to one of Finn and Poe ((because Stormpilot forever)), and every time I minimize something it’s the most pleasant surprise to see them, and I am left blinking like Rey at their wonderful faces.)

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Book Reviews

The Last Sun, by K. D. Charles

Last Sun

Twenty Years have passed since Atlantis fell. Now New Atlantis rises, built from the remains of humanity; abandoned and forsaken homes and buildings scavenged through spell craft and used to establish a city of magic, decadence, and power.

Our hero is Rune Saint John, detective, assassin, Scion, and last living member of the House of the Sun. With his human bodyguard, Brand, at his side, he is called on to unravel the cause of a horrible presence in the city, and the disappearance of his mysterious benefactors godson.

“My name is Rune Saint John. I am, before anything else, a survivor:”

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Top Ten Tuesday

Reading Discoveries of 2019


2019 is over, and 2020 is shaping up to be… well, let’s not talk about it. Last year brought with it a lot of change, some good, mostly bad, as well as a scattering of indifferent offerings that shaped the months into a strange roller coaster of tears and hysterical laughter and J. J. Abrams listening in to the last two years of inside jokes my husband and I have been making about Star Wars and then writing an entire script around them.

Rise of Skywalker was a strange experience, people. At least Babu Frick is here to soothe my weary sole.



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Top Ten Tuesday

Titles to Look For in 2020


This week we once again turn our eyes to the future, the roaring 20’s have arrived and I am looking forward to doing the Charleston and drinking Gin Ricky’s and- *checks notes*

Ahem… apparently that’s the wrong century. *puts away cape and cloche hat*

In this century we have… Not much to look forward to besides that Tesla truck actually being on the roads. And books! Lots of books that will most likely be the only lifeline granted to us in the stormy sea that is literally everything now. Below the cut is is incoming stuff, read on if you too wish to turn your eyes to the future and your ever growing TBR list.

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