The 20 Questions Book Tag

I got this tag from Megabunny Reads. The questions were fun and honestly, I’m always looking for post ideas.

HOW MANY BOOKS IS TOO MANY IN A SERIES? I’d say there is no amount too large, but if I’m honest, passed four and I’m impatient, like, you couldn’t have wrapped it up by now? I get suspicious, what unnecessary bloat is happening within the pages that a swift editing would sort out? There are some exceptions; I really want to get into the Dirk Gently Series and I love the Redwall stories to bits. I think I’ve just been let down by inconsistent characterization when I do get into series that are longer.


HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT CLIFFHANGERS? Umm… not great? Stressed out and distraught? I’m actively avoiding reading Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell because I heard it ends in a cliffhanger and I’m not doing that to myself. I can wait till the third one comes out, then read them back to back in one day because I know I won’t be able to stop myself.

HARDBACK OR PAPERBACK? Hardback if I can, especially if it’s a very pretty hardback or if I bought the first in the series already, I hate having some of a series in hardback and the rest paperback, it makes me crazy.

FAVORITE BOOK? I feel personally attacked by this question and I don’t appreciate it. I can’t say for sure what book is my favorite because I’ve changed a lot over the years and my top read has changed with it. Once it was Wolf Speaker by Tamora Pierce, then it was The Bellmaker by Brian Jacques. For a while Good Omens by those two guys no one’s heard of was it, then Night Circus happened and it reigned supreme. Not to mention Silverthorn, Persuasion, The Secret Garden, and the Dark is Rising… I guess currently my favorite book is Red, White and Royal Blue with a strong side of Gideon the Ninth.

LEAST FAVORITE BOOK? Ethan Goddamn Frome. Fuck that book all the way to the white hot hell it came from. A book about miserable people being miserable to each other and then two of them might attempt suicide but neither of them die and that FUCKING PICKLE DISH. *screams forever*

LOVE TRIANGLE . . . YES OR NO? Hmm… I’d say no, I prefer a will-they, won’t-they romance to jealous back and forths and whatnot. Enemies to friends to lovers is another trope I enjoy because Draco Malfoy exists.

Words cannot even begin to describe how seventeen year old me handled this scene. I think I might have blacked out and said, “Is he asking Harry on a date?” because I vaguely recall my friend hitting me in the quiet theater.

THE MOST RECENT BOOK YOU COULDN’T FINISH? Boy Robot by Simon Curtis. I never felt connected to the characters and the plot was as predictable as an episode of Blue’s Clues.

A BOOK YOU’RE CURRENTLY READING? None, because my life is consumed by the holidays.

THE LAST BOOK YOU RECOMMENDED SOMEONE? Gideon the Ninth, I recommended it to a coworker, but really I’d like to recommend it to anyone who enjoys having a good time.

OLDEST BOOK (PUB. DATE) THAT YOU’VE READ? Ovid’s Metamorphosis, published in the year 8 A.D. it’s crazy to think about how it’s over 2000 years old and people are still studying and discussing it, good job Uncle Ovid.

NEWEST BOOK YOU’VE READ (PUB. DATE)? It’s gotta be The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern, as it came out on November 5th.

FAVORITE AUTHOR? We’re really leaning hard into the unanswerable question meta, aren’t we? Umm… just like, as a person? Probably Chuck Wendig, but Tamora Pierce is probably the best and truest answer I can give here. Even if I am still waiting on the barest sliver of a hint of the idea of news about the sequel to Tempests and Slaughter.

BUYING BOOKS OR BORROWING THEM? Buying them because I have a problem.

A BOOK YOU DISLIKE BUT EVERYONE ELSE LIKES? Hmm… A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue comes to mind, because wow, what a travesty that was.

A BOOK YOU CAN REREAD OVER AND OVER? There’s a lot, some of which I’ve already mentioned; Pearls of Lutra, Red, White and Royal Blue, The Dark is Rising, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, anything by Tamora Pierce, you know… the usual suspects.

CAN YOU READ WHILE LISTENING TO MUSIC? Sure, mostly I’ll do instrumental stuff, however. I get too distracted if there’s lyrics.

MULTIPLE POV’S OR ONE POV? Either one works for me!

DO YOU READ A BOOK IN ONE SITTING OR OVER MULTIPLE DAYS ON AVERAGE? I guess on average it’s over multiple days, but that’s mostly because I’m forcing myself to slow down and savor things a little. But I have been known to read 1100+ page books in less then 12 hours *coughharrypottercough*


2 thoughts on “The 20 Questions Book Tag

  1. OMG I loved all of your answers!!! YASSS Tamora Pierce. YAAAASSSSS Redwall (have you listened to the full cast audiobooks?!?!?!?!)!!!!! ANd Draco will forever have my heart, although I am team Dramione rather than team Drarry.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t listened to the audio books, let alone full cast ones! But it sounds amazing! And my head canon for Hermione is that she ended up happily married to a library.

      I need more Tamora Pierce like some people need George Martin or Patrick Rothfuss, every day I wake up hoping it will finally be the day I get some news on the Tempests and Slaughter sequel.


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