Top Ten Tuesday

Books I Hope to Find Under My Tree


Ah, the presents are under the tree and I am fairly certain all of the ones addressed to me are books! *wiggles with anticipation*

This weeks TTT is short and sweet, because I’ve got presents to wrap and chex mix to make and cookies to bake and just about everything else you can think of before Christmas arrives. Hope your holiday is a very merry one and you get everything you wished for this Christmas!

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Nick at Nite Christmas

Artificial Condition

Murderbot is back! And they want answers! Also some alone time with their space dramas. I am ready!


This beautiful book continues to call to me, with luck, it has called to someone else as well, and they bought it for me.

Monstress 4

My love/stress relationship with Monstress continues, finally I can discover the fate of Kippa, my sweet little fox child.


This man has become my fake dad, I need to read a book about him.


The final issue of Descender left us with more questions then answers, and I expect that will continue with the first volume of it’s continuation.

as you wish

OK, who hasn’t been in love with Wesley at some point in their lives. He even makes a tiny moustache hot, and that is not something literally anyone else can claim. I love this movie and the cast seem like such wonderful people, I hope I get to read about the filming of this classic. Also today spell check has taught me there are two ways to spell “moustache” except I am obviously using the right one already. *ignores the red squiggly lines*

Last Sun.jpg

A gay hitman(?) and his gay bodyguard(?) are in a cool future-verse with magic and tech and EXPLOSIONS and I am so down with that.


I am just plain ol’ intrigued by this book and it’s concept, it focuses on art and the magic of writing, and sometimes I need a little refresher when I’m neck deep in rewrites and edits.

Smart Girl.jpg

Help me, Shahida Arabi, help me.


Singin’ in the Rain is one of my all time favorite movies. Beautiful, funny, and impressive, I would love to know more about the filming of this masterpiece.

7 thoughts on “Books I Hope to Find Under My Tree

    1. I love reading what I guess are essentially movie biographies, I’m always curious how my favorite films come together (I’m the sort of person who watches every behind the scene feature on her blu rays). Happy Holidays to you, as well!

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  1. ‘As you wish’ is a great memoir of sorts, it’s like a wonderful tribute to the movie and the actors, very sweet, almost like revisiting the movie again. I hope you get to read that book. I haven’t read the others on your list so I cannot say if they ar good or not but I hope you’ll get them.

    Have a lovely day.

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