Top Ten Tuesday

My Winter TBR


I’m trying to parse down my TBR as much as possible, because having over 300 books on it is intimidating and, honestly, some of them were thrown on there with much the same spirit as a wine drunk middle aged woman might throw things into a virtual Amazon cart, wildly and with abandon. But then TTT demands I examine the future of books and then pretty much forces me to add them to my list of books it will take me too long to get to.

Luckily for me, there weren’t many books I could find with a winter release that sparked my interest, so this weeks TTT is shorter then usual, with only six entries. But what entries they are! Lesbian Lady Knights! An Austenian style mystery! A dragon who lives in the bayous of the American South! All this and more, just beyond the cut!

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Lady Hotspur: Three woman bound by love, hate, and honor, are embroiled in the chaos of war and lies that see a queen overthrown and a reluctant knight made prince of the realm. It’s all genderbent and queer and I hope there are sword fights and magic, and intense make out sessions after duels, but also stop holding the crown like that, cover image lady, it looks uncomfortable.

Isola 02.jpg

Isola Volume 2: Captain Rook continues her journey to Isola, the land of the dead, where she hopes to free her queen of the curse that has her trapped in the form of a blue tiger. But there are many dangers between them and a land that might not exist, and the world they travel through is rife with secrets. I’m so worried about these two! Life is so dangerous and everyone keeps trying to separate Rook from her queen, and she keeps having these dreams and it’s terrible. I just want them to be OK.


We Are Totally Normal: Sometimes you think you’re hetero and then a Drunk Thing happens and maybe you discover that you weren’t so much hetero as unmotivated and/or oblivious. Maybe you give the whole “dating your guy friend” thing a chance and maybe it works out but you have a problem with overthinking. This is a story about rejecting labels and being true to yourself and also has really gorgeous cover art that I am totally here for.


Dangerous Alliance: Lady Victoria Ashton just wants to wile her days away enjoying the outdoors and reading, and since her older sister has married well, it seems that’s exactly what she’ll be getting. Till it all goes wrong. Now Victoria must wed, and wed well, or her family will be destitute- too bad her novels haven’t prepared her for the convoluted mess that is England’s social season, nor can they tell her what to do about all the “accidents” that have been occurring around her. I want romance, I want mystery, I want to maybe even get a real kiss unlike what Austen likes to give us (no shade, just sometimes it’s nice to get that payoff).

Infinity Son.jpg

Infinity Son: Adam Silvera strikes again with the beautiful looking Infinity Son. A story about two brothers born without magic in a world rife with it. Brighton has always wished to join the war between magic users and magic thieves, Emil just wants the fighting to end. But when Emil spontaneously manifests powers of his own, the brothers bond will be tested as they’re thrown headfirst into a war generations in the making.


Highfire: Wyvern, Lord Highfire of the Highfire Eyrie used to strike fear into the hearts of men, now he spends time in his Laz-Z Boy recliner, obsesses over Flashdance, and wonders if he really is the last dragon left in the world. He’s pretty much set on spending the rest of his days in a run down shack set in the middle of the Louisiana Bayou drinking Absolut Vodka (yuck). That is, until Everett “Squib” Moreau enters his life. Now he’s got a cagey kid and his hot mom to look after, and an evil cop that wants nothing more then to kill the kid and get the hot mom. It’s funny, it’s strange, I like it.

And that’s it for the week, hope your December is going well. I’m wading through retail hell right now as wave after wave of angry people descend upon our traditional chocolateria and demand to know why we don’t carry See’s Candy or Nerds on a Rope. Nevermind the 200+ unique items we make and sell, LET’S GET SOME MASS PRODUCED BS IN HERE FOR THE PARENTS TOO STUPID TO GO TO THE GROCERY STORE.

/end rant. I love you guys! Stay warm! It’s 25 degrees here, -3 for you Celsius users, and I’m not happy!





9 thoughts on “My Winter TBR

  1. I recently cleaned up my Goodreads list. I took all that stuff I thought I “should” read and shoved it into another list entirely – or removed it. My enjoyment of what I was reading went up immediately and immensely. Well worth the effort! Glad to know I’m not alone in the reckless additions. 😉

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    1. It’s hard! Sometimes I honestly feel guilty for removing books from my list, but I know in my heart that if I’m bored while reading, I’ll mentally check out and retain nothing of the text, so I really shouldn’t even bother. I’m trying to read as many excerpts and previews as I can to help me narrow things down a bit, it’s a slow process, but I’ve gotten it down to 244 and counting, so there’s hope for me yet.


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