Top Ten Tuesday

My Favorite Reads of 2019


I was down to the wire when it came to finishing up my reading challenge for the year. What I thought was an easy and attainable goal became a hurdle I wasn’t sure I would cross after my father passed and my interest in things I usually enjoyed dwindled. While I’m still grieving, I feel like I’m back at a place where I can enjoy getting lost in a book once more.

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Yearly Reviews

A Look Back at the Books of 2019

2019 was a hell of a year in that it mostly sucked. What didn’t suck? Books. I read books this year that I know I will continue to revisit for years to come. Funny, badass, sweet, exciting, and beautiful, these stories ran the gamut and did not disappoint. Except for the few that did, but that’s irrelevant. Below the cut is all the books I loved, and some that I did not, in this, the Year of Acute Misery.

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Top Ten Tuesday

Books I Hope to Find Under My Tree


Ah, the presents are under the tree and I am fairly certain all of the ones addressed to me are books! *wiggles with anticipation*

This weeks TTT is short and sweet, because I’ve got presents to wrap and chex mix to make and cookies to bake and just about everything else you can think of before Christmas arrives. Hope your holiday is a very merry one and you get everything you wished for this Christmas!

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Nick at Nite Christmas

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Holidays · Tags

The Christmas Song Book Tag

I got this tag from That Artsy Reader Girl, it’s part of the annual Bookish Little Christmas and it seemed like a lot of fun. Basically you match up famous Christmas songs with characters from books and we all know how I love to talk about Christmas songs. To simplify matters I’m going to only use characters from books that I’ve read this year, because it’s a lot to unpack otherwise, and asking me questions like “What’s your favorite book?” is akin to asking a panda handler which panda’s their fav. Answer: All pandas, even the ones they haven’t met yet.

Are my analogies normal?

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Top Ten Tuesday

My Winter TBR


I’m trying to parse down my TBR as much as possible, because having over 300 books on it is intimidating and, honestly, some of them were thrown on there with much the same spirit as a wine drunk middle aged woman might throw things into a virtual Amazon cart, wildly and with abandon. But then TTT demands I examine the future of books and then pretty much forces me to add them to my list of books it will take me too long to get to.

Luckily for me, there weren’t many books I could find with a winter release that sparked my interest, so this weeks TTT is shorter then usual, with only six entries. But what entries they are! Lesbian Lady Knights! An Austenian style mystery! A dragon who lives in the bayous of the American South! All this and more, just beyond the cut!

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Top Ten Tuesday

Books That Have Been on My TBR List the Longest



This TTT was a freebie, so of course it got left to the last second because I’m no good at coming up with topics. Finally, late Sunday night I decided, when usually I have it done and scheduled by Saturday morning.

But, without further ado, I bring to you the TTT! *points at post title* It’s that, right there.

I joined Goodreads back in 2016, and really enjoy having a way to keep track of books I want to read as well as finding new ones. But there are only so many hours in a day, and it’s easier to add a book to a list then it is to actually read it, so needless to say, my TBR list is a long one.

These are the first ten books I added to that list, way back in the summer of 2016. Now, three and some odd years later, it’s up to 241, but that’s less than half of what I’ve already read in my lifetime, so I figure I can at least hope to get to those someday.

*laughs quietly to herself forever*

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