Top Ten Tuesday

Authors I am Thankful Exist


Weather is on the way! After weeks of 70+ degree temps and constant, needling, offensive sunlight. We are expected to plunge headfirst into winter, bypassing fall entirely and getting *checks forecast* approximately 19 hours of snowfall?

Hahahah, what?

I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year, so I don’t have to worry about anything other then the power going out, which would cancel Thanksgiving in it’s own right. But if the family can’t get here? Guess the husband and I are eating all the food.

This TTT is all about being thankful- thankful for what? Well, whatever, I guess- and I’ve got a long list of things I’m thankful for; Florence Welch, Of Monsters and Men’s newest album, Scrivener, chap stick, humidifiers, piping hot tea, Galarian Ponyta, Chris Evans, Tamsyn Muir, Kleenex, the continued existence of Tamora Pierce, Lupita N’yango’s name…

Honestly, I could keep going…

I’ll stop.

Below the cut is the authors I am most thankful for in 2019, with books and blogs they have helped carry me through what proved to be an even worse year than 2018.

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Top Ten Tuesday

Ch-ch-changes! In Reading Habits


Another troublesome Top Ten Tuesday, which I am writing at the eleventh hour because I just couldn’t find inspiration for it and the new Pokemon game came out on Friday and it has consumed a great deal of my time.

So here I am, tea before me, cat beside. Ready (somewhat) to conquer this challenge (before I challenge the next gym).

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by That Artsy Reader Girl.

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Book Reviews

The Starless Sea, by Erin Morgenstern

Starless Sea Review Image

Eight long years have passed since The Night Circus burst into the literary scene with a shower of black confetti and red rose petal, bewitching it’s readers with gorgeous prose and an imaginative world that made you never wish to leave.

Now author Erin Morgenstern is back with The Starless Sea, a story about stories, a book the intertwines myth and folk tales with modern story telling. The first four chapters alone create a paradox of story and time, providing a mystery so curious that our hero Zachary Ezra Rawlins is compelled to give chase down the rabbit hole, and what he finds is a world of faded gold, dazzling ghosts, and stories. Stories upon stories upon stories; men lost in time, girls who are rabbits, owls who are kings, pirates who are metaphors…

But also not…

“Strange, isn’t it? To love a book. When the words on the pages become so precious that they feel like part of your own history because they are.”

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Top Ten Tuesday

My Favorite Bookmarks


This weeks subject left me at a loss; I assumed it meant physical bookmarks, little rectangles of paper or plastic or skin or whatever that we use to mark our place in the world of books, except that I have like… two real bookmarks and I only use one of them on occasion and the rest of the time I am using whatever I have at hand; the free bookmark/business card from The Book Seller, a scrap of tissue, an old shopping list.

Then I looked at my bookshelf and realized there are a plethora of paper bits and things poking out of the pages, most of which I haven’t touched in well over a year, sometimes more. So together we’re going on an adventure where I gather these and try to recall the circumstance of their acquisition.

*a few minutes later*

Guys! That was so much more entertaining than I thought it would be! You won’t believe the things I’ve used, I barely do!

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The Geeky Childhood Tag

Megan over at A Geeky Gal posted this on Monday (and originally got it from Michelle, at A Geek Girls Guide) and I just had to participate. Below the cut are nine questions related to how you grew up geek. I get into Return of the Jedi, Jurassic Park, 80’s era She-Ra, and a plethora of other stuff from decades that are now considered “retro” and it’s strange. Also, high waist jeans didn’t look good on our moms then, they certainly don’t look good on anyone now.

But I digress! Onto the nerdom!

reading rainbow.gif

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Top Ten Tuesday

Book Covers with Autumn Vibes


Wow, last week sucked. We were without power for nearly five days, and only one of those days had actual wind. We had our first nights where it dropped to freezing temps, as well, so we were cold as well as sleep deprived and grumpy. And! We still had terrifying fire only a few miles away that we are very lucky was contained at 17 acres or so.

But there’s plenty of people out there discussing what is happening in California- we’re here to talk about books and writerly things, and so we shall!

This TTT was hard, waaaaay harder then I thought it would be. After an hour or so of searching I managed to eek out ten books with nice, Autumn themed covers (that I actually want to read), as most books with that type seem to be food-centric cozy mysteries and romances set in New England or Vermont.

In other news, The Starless Sea comes out TODAY! The hype is real, guys, it’s been too long since The Night Circus came out and I am ready to be swept away by Erin Morgenstern’s imagination once more. By the time you read this I will no doubt be reading it, or perhaps waiting impatiently for the book store to open so I can get my pre-order.

To the books!

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by That Artsy Reader Girl.

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