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I don’t think I’ve ever met a book lover who didn’t also enjoy Halloween. And why wouldn’t we? The chance to be something different for a night can be similar in ways to reading. Especially when you dress up as a favorite character.

Below the cut are thirteen Halloween themed questions, because thirteen is the most Halloween of numbers besides thirty one. I spent my morning decorating the front windows of my job for October and I never imagined I would be so tired from two hours of fake cobwebs and taking down old lights- wait! Halloween!

  1. When does the Halloween season start for you? Late September is usually when I finally accept that I don’t get to have summer anymore and begrudgingly embrace what 98% of the population believes is the best season. Autumn always gets me in the mood for scary games and ghost encounters (have I mentioned my job used to be a crematorium, and the basement is… very wrong in the most terrifying way).
  2. Do you have any Halloween traditions? I love love love Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, so I try to watch that every October. Other then that, not in particular. Unless you count seeking out Let’s Plays of the most frightening games we can find on Youtube.

    gray concrete roadway beside green and brown leafed trees
  3. What is your favorite Halloween memory? Trick or Treating with my dad when I was a kid, he was into the spookiness of it, but I always knew he’d protect me from all the monsters.

  4. Do you decorate for Halloween? A little bit, and tastefully. I like 1930/1940’s style decore, pumpkins, stuff like that. Absolutely no fake blood, styrofoam gravestones, those god forsaken inflatable decorations, things like that. 
  5. What has been your favorite Halloween costume you’ve worn? Honestly, it might have been last year when I dressed up as a steampunk engineer. The skirt, the makeup, the goggles, the BOOTS! Everything came together perfectly and I loved it.
  6. If you could be in a Halloween movie (horror or not), which would you choose? Hocus Pocus! I think we can all safely say that when we picture a typically Halloween themed town, it’s Salem Massachusetts as portrayed in this movie. It was probably  filmed on a set, but it doesn’t

  7. How do you plan on celebrating Halloween this year? Most likely by staying at home and watching Let’s Plays of scary video games from my favorite YouTube channels. Also it’s a great night to go to the gym, a statement that if my sixteen-year-old-self knew I wrote, would most likely kill me. But, I am a thirty two year old introvert who likes the idea of being ripped, so I guess it’s not too surprising it’s come to this. 
  8. Have you ever carved a Jack-O-Lantern? So many. SO MANY! There’s nothing like pulling pumpkin guts out of the shell, is there. Cleaning the seeds and roasting them was always a family tradition. Carve them with dads help on the front porch, them roast the seeds with mom in the kitchen.  

    close up creepy dark darkness

  9. What is something you want to do to celebrate Halloween one year? I would love to go to a masquerade ball. One where everything is haunting and beautiful, gorgeous vampires, seductive devils, charming witches, and not a single Target costume or synthetic smelling uninspired zombie in sight. Or! There’s an adult only laser tag train ride you can do in Sacramento where you shoot zombies with your friends from a moving train while getting served drinks! That sounds like an absolute blast.

  10. What is your Halloween costume this year? If you don’t have one, what would you like to be? I have never dressed up as a witch, strange though it may sound, so I’m going for that this year. All I have to do is decide if I’m going the black skinny jeans and boots way, or the full skirt and lace way. One thing I know for sure, the hat is chosen.

  11. Do you enjoy a super scary Halloween or a more lighthearted spooky Halloween? Hmmm… I’m not really into a lot of the typical Halloween stuff, I think my ideal would be neither. How about a more mystical or Victorian Halloween?

  12. How would you spend a Halloween at home versus going out? The aforementioned Youtube videos, or watching reruns of Most Haunted  or Ghost Hunters. Outside? Maybe walked the neighborhood and seeing all the cool costumes and houses decked out in decorations and lights.

  13. Why do you love Halloween? It’s history, it’s unabashed adoration of candy, and the aesthetics… well, the tasteful aesthetics. I’m a complete decoration snob, I guess. I just really don’t like those inflatable decorations, is that so bad?

Want to participate? Here’s the original post. Have a happy Halloween, everybody!

jack o lantern on grass


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