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Character Traits I Love


It’s Tuesday! And my water is getting shut off “for repairs” from 8 AM to 3 PM. How exciting! And then our power may get shut off from Wednesday into late Thursday to prevent everything from lighting on fire. But let me distract you from your obvious jealousy over my seven hours of waterless-life plus two days with no electricity and instead direct your attention to the post itself.

*does something tricky and complicated with her hands that may or may not be Naruto inspired*

This Tuesday’s post is about character traits I love, and me attempting to pretend that I like things other then sarcastic, insecure characters with addiction and attitude problems. Is being a thief a character trait? Maybe?

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Tolerance: I like my characters to be accepting of others and their differences. This includes everything; race, sex, orientation, parentage, personal history, etc. Be tolerant, make friends, work hard = life motto.
Examples: Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptork Sakura.

Intelligence: I cannot cope with an unintelligent protagonist. I get frustrated when I’m ten steps ahead of the characters, at the very least, I want to be on the same page as them. And I hate having to read an explanation for something I already understand just because the main character is an oblivious idiot.
Example: Morwen from The Enchanted Forest Chronicles.

Kindness: Please don’t be mean, there are already so many people doing it already (though being mean to mean people usually gets a chuckle out of me). Gotta love a protagonist that takes on an injured animal or helps someone less fortunate then them, even if it adds nothing to the story. I’d take the kitten home, too.
Example: Kel from the Protector of the Small Series.

Integrity: I don’t like characters that betray each other or commit acts of violence just to get their way. Amberlough was ruined for me because of the general lack of integrity each and every character displays. I want to trust a character when they make a promise or an oath, I want to not be disappointed by back stabbings and double crossings. Example: Alanna from The Lioness Quartet.

Dauntless: No one likes giving up, and I certainly don’t like reading about a character giving in. Insurmountable odds? Psht, who cares? Give me someone who sees the obstacles and charges headfirst into them anyway.
Example: Gideon Nav from Gideon the Ninth.

Witty: Give me that snappy dialogue and those knife edged one liners. I love a good back and forth between two characters, the words just seem to flow and the pages disappear. Example: Crowley and Aziraphale from Good Omens.

Cunning: A sneaky protagonist who is going to one up all the bad guys is always fun. It’s always great when the leads are just as crafty if not more so then the bad guy and I love the tension ratcheting up higher and higher as they attempt to one up each other. Example: Cecelia from The Night Circus.

Sarcastic: I’m pretty sarcastic, though I mostly keep it to myself, even if my eyes want to roll so far that they get lodged in the back of my head sometimes. I especially enjoy sarcasm in inappropriate situations; like being stuck on a spaceship that is about to explode, or being surrounded by demons in a dark room. I mean sure, there’s better times for it, but still. It’s fun!
Example: Sinjir Rath Velus from The Aftermath Saga.

Fearless: This is sort of like dauntless, except better. Because you can dauntless in the face of say… an exam, but it’s not going to (necessarily) illicit the same fear you might feel going into battle. That being said, I love it when characters love battle, when they get excited instead of afraid, and even after it’s done, they’re ready for another round. Real life is suffering and pain, books don’t have to be.
Example: Magnus from The Adventure Zone.

Proactive: I don’t enjoy characters who just sit back and allow the story to happen to them. I like it when they choose to take the next step. They go out into the misty night, into that dark mansion, onto that alien planet, and they get shit done. This is probably why I tend to read character driven stories instead of event driven ones.
Example: Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle.


Edited in Photoshop by me.

4 thoughts on “Character Traits I Love

  1. Ugh I love that you actually included examples! I totally didn’t think to do that. And wow yes I totally didn’t think about Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle for Proactive. That’s so true! Great list ❤ I'm sorry about all the waterless and powerless days for you in the near future. I hope it's shorter than what they anticipated and you'll be able to have things back to normal soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not gonna lie- I felt pretty inspired when I realized I could put examples. Sophie’s so great, she gets cursed and looks at the bright side. Howl has a melt down and she just marches right up the stairs and yells at him. I love her, if my avatar wasn’t a good enough indication.

      I’m trying to look at the bright side for the power outage now- maybe my job will be out of power, and I’ll get the day off, that wouldn’t be too bad, honestly. I have a lot of books to catch up on anyway.

      Thank you for checking out my post!


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