Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Tropes I Love

Another week, another Top Ten Tuesday. I’ve been bad about writing a review for The Martian like I mentioned last week. What with work and soaking up every last drop of summer before it fades to fall, I’ll admit writing has fallen to the wayside. I’m off to the Farmer’s Market in a couple hours, then intend to spend a large amount of time at the river, my first visit of this year! Which is a travesty when you live in this county; the Yuba River is the place to go when it’s hot, and my spot of choice is Bridgeport, which has the longest single span covered bridge in the world (yeah, we’re that kind of small town community). But it’s great! And I love it!

Also I am hungry and really not focusing.

So this weeks TTT is discussing the tropes I love to read about, from grumpy protagonists that just want to be left alone to found!families, we’ve got it all. And then some. And by some I mean me rambling about Paladin Danse and Harry/Draco relations.

If you know what  I mean.

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Riders of Rohan, what news from The Mark?


  • The Reluctant Hero: I’m talking Squall “The only reason I’m here is because of other people” Leonhart, or Murderbot– who just wants to watch their Space Dramas and not interact with all these damn humans. Yet somehow they manage to save their group/country/region/world, griping and sniping the entire time. Like me at work; I show up, I’m there to earn all the tips and get people their ice cream, making their day better, and keeping my coworkers morale up because they’re younger and don’t know how bad it can be, but I mean… I could be at home.

  • Enemies to Friends to Lovers: Blame it on all those really good Harry/Draco fanfics I read in my impressionable youth, but there is nothing like the tension between two people forced to work together when all they want to do is beat the crap out of the other. Then they become friends and after that the shift is so subtle they don’t even seem to notice it themselves, it takes an Insightful Friend or Near Disaster to wake them up to the delicious truth that they would fight bears for one another. Like Red, White & Royal Blue, god those boys are just the best.

  • Glamorous Wartime Singer: Preferably one with a tragic past their running from and a flame they still hold for a lost lover. Like a mix of Emma Murdoch from Dark City and Isla Lund from Casablanca. Also would work as a guy- I’m not picky, though I have less mental comparison’s at the ready because this tea isn’t working as fast as I am.

  • Stoic Soldier with a Heart of Gold: Blame Paladin Danse for this one, because my imaginary Game Husband has my heart held delicately in his huge, power-armored hands. Gruff, quiet, and reluctant to let his emotions show because he thinks he’s broken and undeserving of affection. Except he secretly loves kids and gardening and is always worried about his friends and smiles when he sees you and says things like, “It’s good to know when someone has your back.” and you melt every time you come back to Sanctuary and he’s out of his armor and working the crops alongside Jun and you notice Jun seems a lot calmer now, and maybe this is all head cannon but I don’t care.
    Sorry not sorry if that was oddly specific.

  • Found Family: I’ll admit, I’m thinking of Disney’s Atlantis and Firefly as I write this, but I guess it also holds true for the Circle of Magic Series, though I prefer at least one of the “family members” to be a sarcastic drunk who’s really good at physical combat. You don’t want that in a biological family usually. Usually. An excellent example of this is The Aftermath Trilogy by Chuck Wendig, and specifically Sinjir, because I think about him a lot and how much I love him and want him as a friend.

  • The Magic Comes Back: Sometimes I’m half convinced that our lonely little planet was once a magical place teeming with the people and creatures of myth and legend. There’s a small percent of me that still isn’t fully convinced Santa isn’t real, even as I buy gifts for others every year. What if the magic came back, what if you weren’t ready for all those gifts? What if you’re completely unprepared for that chance encounter with The Fey and next thing- wait, we’re talking about tropes here, not the weird stuff that preoccupies me more often then it should. Magic Comes Back is much better then Magic Goes Away in my opinion. I know what a struggle life is without it, thank you. Show me what it’s like have to suddenly cope with it’s return, how would that effect schooling, government, infrastructure, home life, friendships, the whole nine yards.

  • The Honorable Rogue: Jimmy the Hand, George Cooper, Seregil, Rosto, Gonff, I could keep going, because time and time again my favorite character is the the one with the shady past and the questionable future. Bonus points if they’re musically inclined. Unless they’re Kvothe, who I hate and also love.

  • All Myths are True: Many years ago I got a few books into a series called Everworld, penned by the same author who wrote the Animorphs Series. It’s about a group of friends who pursue a Character of Mysterious Origins into a world where all gods are real, all myths are real, and all hell breaks loose. Ever since then I’ve loved this premise; the world of American Gods is another great example. Kraken is sort of like that, except it’s more like “All Things are True with Magic”. I love the idea of normal people having to suddenly deal with temperamental gods and unicorns and dragons(!). How would society cope? How would the world be different? How disorganized would organized religion become when you have gods like Quetzalcoatl, Loki, and Kali running around? Fun! Terrifying! How would you cope with law vs. gods demanding sacrifice? Would you even try?

  • Human/Cyborg/Robot Alliances: Yaaay, robots! Equal rights for our mechanical fam! I’m a firm believer that if you create something capable of human emotions, then those have to respected, regardless of what’s propelling them from the inside. Blame the movie A.I. and Paladin Danse (again) for this one. Though the most recent addition to this subject is the amazing Descender Series by Jeff Lemire, I would fight armies for Tim-22, because he’s precious and just wants to find his family. Hey, working in two tropes I love at once? Good job, Tim, you’re the best.

  • The Thieves Guild: I just love the thought of organized crime with a medieval twist. Especially when there’s a King of Thieves and Court of the Rogue and maybe this is all directly tied into Tamora Pierce books, but Raymond E. Feist does it OK, too. I suppose the story of Robin Hood is also one in it’s own way, they just hold court out in the forest. Someday I’m going to read The Lies of Locke Lamora, I swear.

Woo! Was that ten? *counts back* Yes, ten. Good job team. I’m so hungry you guys, I’m amazed I was able to complete this without putting more in my body then strong black tea.

Hope your day is well and good and made of sparkly bits.

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Tropes I Love

  1. Yes, yes, yes to all these tropes! Reluctant heroes are pretty much my favorite type. Being a hero seems like a hassle, so I can’t blame them. I’ve been pretty much solidly ruined for romance. If it’s not enemies to friends to lovers, I’m not interested, with very few exceptions. Anything else is just okay. Someone else has read Animorphs?! *clings to you* We’re alone in the world. Okay, that’s maybe a little dramatic. But it’s so hard finding people who did. I’ve tried to keep up with Applegate’s work, but it’s hard because gosh she writes so much (which is not a bad thing). I’m going to have to go check out Everworld now.

    Here’s my TTT post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d stopped reading Applegate years ago, and hadn’t realized how extensive her collection is now! There’s fifty four main title Animorph books alone, that’s incredible. It’s funny, because when I was a kid it felt like everyone was reading her stuff, but now…

      As for relunctant heroes, I agree- I like showering and drinking hot tea and wearing PJs, none of which are really part of the typical canon. I’m not even into camping, even though I love nature. I’m a ridiculous creature.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Right? I felt the same. I mean, it felt so popular (and even had a, very brief, TV show) but now we’re unicorns, basically. xD Did I just hallucinate all that?! Who knows?

        I just started reading her stuff again a couple years ago. I didn’t realize she was still writing, but she is! Lots of really cute kids stuff (and I have a kid, so … I totally buy the books for her *cough*).

        I like nature in tolerable doses. But I don’t camp, either, because, A, bugs and, B, humans are low on the food chain in the wilderness. And we have lots of big wildlife around here.


    1. Wow! Someone who has heard of Everwold, let alone read them. It seemed like everyone and their older brother was reading Animorphs, but I couldn’t get anyone to read Everworld, which is insane.

      Dark City is always worth a rewatch. Did you know the staircase in it is the same one used in The Matrix? Fun fact!


  2. ENEMIES TO LOVERS AND REFERENCING DRARRY FICS? Yep! This feels like me to me! Haha, but in all seriousness I feel like FF is to blame for my love of that trope and the same can be said for fake dating. Ahh, I really do love so many of the tropes you listed. Found Family is probably another favourite of mine!


    1. Nice, and we’re even both named Jessica! I haven’t read any fake dating stories that I can think of, but it seems like a similar premise- any titles that you particularly loved and would recommend?


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