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Book Review: Kraken, by China Mieville

Kraken by China Mieville

You ever wander what would happen if Neil Gaiman had been angrier and more inclined to drug use while writing Neverwhere? Well, look no further, because have I got a story for you. London, not Below, but right there, next to you on the tube, around the street corner, in the apartment next door, knocking on your door, full of terror and blood and magic as twisted as the human mind…

It took my years to get around to reading this, despite wanting to before it was even published. Then I read it, and… well… I’ll try to explain…

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Top Ten Tuesday: My Summer TBR

Summer is The Best. Fall is fine and all, but honestly the season’s become so overrun by pumpkin spice and pinterest that I’ll take the simple joys of summer any time over the cloying commercialism that autumn has become. Give me farmers markets and wildflower bouquets, days spent by the river and dresses. I love the long evenings and quiet sunrises, slipping on sandles and wandering outside; not having to put three layers on just to go for a walk is wonderful.

But I digress- we aren’t here to wax poetic about how summer is better than all the other seasons, we are here to talk about books! And reading them! And what I’d like to read even though life is dark hole that swallows up all my emotions save apathy! Hooray!

*clears throat*

Anyway… This weeks list has the books I am most hyped about for the summer, which has officially started now that Games Done Quick is happening. Check it out, they’re raising money for Doctors Without Borders.

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by That Artsy Reader Girl.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Unpopular Bookish Opinions

What’s the second most popular activity on the internet after watching videos of baby animals? Hating on things you didn’t like! Fun? Maybe for some. Mostly I am saddened when I didn’t like something; as it’s another drop in the Well of Disappointment that feeds my day to day existence. But! That doesn’t stop me from talking about it- some of my favorite blog posts are about books I didn’t like, and that’s OK! It was fun and cathartic and I have no personal vendetta’s against the people who created them. That’s when things get dark. Don’t do that people- I know we’ve had the Dark Side marketed to us like crazy, but it’s still bad. Can you imagine if Jedi were real and came to earth and saw us selling toys to our children that are replicas of Sith Lords? That shit’s crazy. They kill people for nefarious reasons- why are we encouraging our youth to idolize them?

But this blog isn’t about the selling of fake darkly death cults in mass quantities by mega corporations; this blog is about books and writing and me rambling at you while you back away slowly without ever letting me out of your sight!

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by That Artsy Reader Girl

Letsa go!


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Top Ten Tuesday: Back and Ready for Action!

Sorry about the hiatus, not that anyone probably was paying attention. But sometimes life takes a nose dive and the world becomes a bleak, desolate waste with no light, no Sora, and no Riku.

Then, because that’s not enough, your laptop crashes and refuses to let you run a disk repair until fourdays after you’ve already shelled out the money to buy a new one.


This Tuesday is all about my favorite books in my favorite genre; fantasy. Sci-fi is a very close contender, but if I’m honest with myself I’m more into dragons and swords and (attractive) people using magic. It’s fun! In a way the real world is most decidedly not.

How does one deal with a bustle in their hedgerow, anyway?

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