Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Fictional Places I’d Like to Visit

I started doing this thing because I need to give myself assignments, essentially, if I want to keep up on the blog. I spend a lot of free time working on the novel, and I admit, playing Kingdom Hearts III (I’ve been waiting thirteen years for this game! Thirteen! I’m savoring it like the aged wine it is) and weeping over Sora and Riku. Anyway, blogging, I should do it more. I have read some books! And written a couple of reviews that I can’t convince myself I like enough to publish. But yes, mostly novel, Sora/Riku shipping, and also shoving my face into my cats face. He loves it.

So, Top Ten Tuesday will now be a thing- though sometimes it will be less than ten. Because despite having read over three hundred books (I feel like that’s so few!), it’s hard to find ten consistently. I really had to stretch with this one, but felt my inaugural top ten post should absolutely have ten items on it. I have gotten it from That Artsy Reading Girl, by way of Aquapages. *waves*

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