Gift Guide

2018 Gift Guide: 15 Items for the Book Lover who has all the books.

It’s almost here, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve got your fingers crossed that this year people will pay attention and get you the things you want. Or maybe you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum, and you’re at a loss for what to get the bookish person in your life.

Hint: More books.

But, if that fails, here’s a list of book related items that are sure to please someone who would otherwise be putting all their disposable income towards acquiring more things to read.

My Modern Met has a ton of cool things- from Van Gogh and Frida action figures to embroidery kits, it’s a happy haven for creativity. My personal favorite item however is the “To Kill a Mocking Bird” purse. Subtle colors, beautiful design, and a removable strap make this piece a classic that anyone could wear. Another great find on the site are these bookmarks- inspired by the Wicked Witch of the West’s legs.

Bas Bleu  “offers a unique, handpicked selection of odd little books and literary gifts, personally reviewed by our small team of long-time editors.” The care put into the selection on this site shows, it’s got a ton of unique, wordy, bookish, and intellectual gifts for the whole fam. I really like the Collective Noun Coasters, the No Time to Clean tea towel, and this Jane Austin inspired Mansfield Park sweatshirt.

The Personal Library Kit  on Knock Knock is great for that person in your life who is constantly lending out books and not getting them back. It comes with 20 self adhesive pockets and 20 checkout cards, as well as a traditional dating stamp, an ink pad, and a pencil. The site is also full of great journals, sticky notes, and books for anyone stuck in front of a desk most of the day.

Timber Dimensions is a wonderful little shop on Etsy that was a finalist in the 2016 Etsy Awards. Based in Clontarf, Australia, it’s got wonderful, 100% wood items including darning mushrooms, hair pins, and muddlers, but my pick is the page holder or book bird. A clever, simple little tool you slip over your thumb to make holding books open one handed a lot easier.

I already want to buy everything on ModCloth, but then they put things like the Library Skirt up and I am destroyed. It even has pockets! If you grew up learning a great deal of manners and life skills from the literature you were reading then this Raised by Books tee is a sure winner. And let’s not forget the Little Golden Book tee, vases that look like books, and a dress covered in bookshelves (it also has pockets)! Really, the whole site is chalk full of book inspired gear, and is totally worth the visit.

Last but not least we have Highland Bluff Studio, making soy based candles for nerds with scents like We’re All Mad Here, Divination Class, and Aslan’s Country, there’s a scent for everyone in your life- granted they have the good sense to enjoy books.

So there it is, maybe you’ll find something for someone you care about this holiday season among my suggestions. Or even better, you find something for yourself.

November was a busy and vaguely unpleasant time in my life, and December may prove to be little better. It hailed here two days ago and the pellets still haven’t melted. It’s cold in a drab, over-bright, and filthy sort of way, and looks to continue in this manner for a while. With any luck the weather will bring some snow our way, but I don’t have my hopes up- usually the snow likes to wait until we’re ready to thaw out in April.

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