Christmas Songs: Sometimes They’re Just the Worst.

I used to work with my boss, instead of for her. During those times, we would complain about how early Christmas music began, “Right after Thanksgiving!” we would say disdainfully, “It’s still fall for gods sake!”

Oh how things change; now that she is a business owner, her habits reflect those of a vast majority of retailers, both large and small. The day after Thanksgiving I walked to work in a world of scarlet and gold. Only to find a shop full of red, white, and green.

Not terrible, as a lot of people want to get their shopping out of the way. What broke my spirit was the music. We complained, our customers complained, but our bosses wishes stood above all else, and so it began.

Pandora is a mixed blessing- good for introducing you to a myriad of artists and styles you might not normally be exposed to. But it has a darker side, a side of playing bands you’ve down-voted over and over (I’m sorry, The Chieftains, I just cannot learn to like you), and repeating the same song every two or three tracks. Up-vote one tune and hear it three times an hour until you skip it and make the program understand that maybe you don’t want to hear it for awhile. But skip too often and your right to that is revoked, even with a paying account, because it’s algorithms can recognize you skipping a track, but not that it just played four songs from 2000’s “The Grinch” back to back,  bookended by the eleven minute long Dr. Seuss Story Version.

You see my problem(s)?

So… all in the name of venting and the good fun that entails, here’s some holiday songs that make me pray for an excuse to go into our stores nightmare inducing basement or out into the cold streets of downtown.

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Gift Guide

2018 Gift Guide: 15 Items for the Book Lover who has all the books.

It’s almost here, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve got your fingers crossed that this year people will pay attention and get you the things you want. Or maybe you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum, and you’re at a loss for what to get the bookish person in your life.

Hint: More books.

But, if that fails, here’s a list of book related items that are sure to please someone who would otherwise be putting all their disposable income towards acquiring more things to read.

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