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Writing Inspiration, Part One- Instrumental Music: A to E

Music has always been an influence in my life. Not one to be restricted by genre or popularity (or lack of), I listen to it all, from new age to hip hop, metal to folk, classical to electronic, and many of them have had some form of influence on me creatively.

The first list I wanted to create was for instrumental music, both traditional and contemporary. I go to these albums a lot when I’m writing, and have returned to some of them for many years. I’ll compile a list of more traditional singers later, but for now I wanted to share these artists, with links to their sites and Bandcamp page (if applicable). I’d love to hear about what you’re listening to as well. What albums get you thinking, feeling, and writing a story in your mind before your hand ever starts working?

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Life Essays

*sidles in*

Oh hi, WordPress, long time no see- were you out of town for awhile? No? Sick? Not really? Busy with work? Or were you avoiding me?

Wait, what? I’m the one who hasn’t been around? Woops, guess you caught me there.

Life has left me paralyzed these last two months, a whirlwind of change has gifted me with anxiety so fierce it’s all I can to get out of bed each morning. I left my job of over eleven years and began a new chapter of existence, but what should have been an exciting and joyful time has left me more nervous and depressed then I was prepared for, and most days it’s all I can do to process the hurricane of emotions and thoughts that run in dizzy circles through me. I wake at four thirty or five every day, already afraid of what will happen next.

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