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Book Review: Meddling Kids, by Edgar Contero

Ever watch Scooby Doo? Ever wish that once, just once, it wasn’t a man in a mask- but instead something darker and more sinister then the gang had ever imagined? Something that haunted them for years later, stalked them no matter how far they ran, or how much they hid. Called them back after years of denial to finally solve the mystery, the real mystery, of their last case together.

Then this book is for you.

Hilarious, action packed, tense, and frightening, this story throws you in the mine cart and sends you down that abandoned shaft at eighty miles an hour. Just hang on, because the corners are tight and the speed keeps building- this is one hell of a ride.


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Happy Birthday, Mr. Yeats

I first discovered the work of Yeats in 1997, through the Canadian singer Loreena McKennitt, who’s rendition of “The Stolen Child” became somewhat of an early obsession of mine. Yeats’ poetry paralleled many of my interests at the time; mysticism, Celtic mythology, the occult, and nature all figure prominently in his work, and heavily influenced what I was reading and writing at the time. A few years later an English teacher assigned each student with a poem to study and recite based on what she felt best reflected our personalities. I wonder even now how Mrs. Haas knew me so well as to assign “Lake Isle of Innisfree”. And perhaps it’s reading and rereading have had some influence over what I dream of and yearn for, because little else sounds as perfect as the life Yeats describes on the shores of Innisfree.

In honor of his birthday I collected four of my favorite poems, as well as original photography by me to accompany it. Poems include “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”, “The Crazed Girl Poem”, “The Falling of the Leaves”,  and “The Withering of the Bough”.


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Book Review: Aftermath: Empire’s End, by Chuck Wendig

Book Review: Aftermath: Empire’s End by Chuck Wendig

You can read my reviews for the previous installments of the trilogy here (part one), and here (part two).

Warning: Spoilers for the first two books of the series under the cut!

Hey it’s Pride Month! Why not pick up a trilogy with a bad ass gay Ex-Imperial Loyalty Officer with emotional hangups and a strange sense of humor?

How does an Empire collapse? How do the pieces fall, one by one, pursued across planets and galaxies, till they are scattered and broken, remnants of shadows to fill the pages of history.

How does it rise again?

How do people rebuild? Not just cities and homes, but hearts and hope? How do they set aside their fear and prejudice, their thirst for justice skewed through the longing for revenge? How does one leave behind all those coffins in the sky, like unlit satellites, orbital memorials to friend and foe.

How do they rise again?

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