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Book Review: Tempests and Slaughter, by Tamora Pierce

 “You have a destiny. You aren’t allowed to know it.”

Where to begin? There is a part of me incoherent with the amount of pleasure I got out of reading this book. There is a part of me that wants to yell and hit inanimate objects because I liked it so much. I am relatively self contained though, and reluctant to startle my cat.

What is this? It’s the story of Numair Salmalin, when he was still the child Arram Draper. It is the tale of a boy who will grow to become the greatest mage his world has ever seen. He will battle monsters, confront dragons, cross into the very Realms of the Gods- but first, he must attend school.

A girls best friends are her books and her weapons.

Spoilers for The Song of The Lioness and The Immortals Quartet

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The Hogwarts Tag

I got the idea for this post from A Geek Girl’s Guide– Thanks Michelle for the fun idea!

Twenty years of Harry Potter is a strange and surreal thing to write. Wasn’t it only a handful of years ago I was reading the first book? But no, I suppose the acne is too faded for Junior High to have been a few years back… more like… two decades. *cue dramatic music and a close up on my eyes, looking frantic and cornered*

Anyway, this was fun- a list of questions pertaining to Hogwarts and how you think your time would be spent there.

Chuga-Chuga, Chuga-Chuga, Hogwaaaarts!

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Book Review: Aftermath: Life Debt, by Chuck Wendig

(You can read my review for the first installment in this series here)

We’re back for round two with The Pennsylvania Pen Monkey and it’s a fantastic, blaster filled romp from planet to planet that left me feeling as much a part of Norra Wexley’s team as Jas or Sinjir. Mostly Sinjir, because I am not cool or athletic enough to be Jas. But I can see myself wandering space getting punched in the face.

Things are going pretty well for The New Republic- one after another, the pockets of Imperial resistance are falling, and peace is returning slowly to the galaxy. But for some, the battles have not ceased, and war has left many debts in it’s wake.

Why, yes. That is wall art of a golden R2-D2. Thank you.

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