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The Geekery: Report #02

This is late because my husband, cat, and I just finished moving to a new apartment. Moving is exhausting, especially because we were trying to get our cleaning deposit back after living in the same place for eight+ years, and then when we got to our new place we found the cleaners had done a horrendous job- so I essentially spent two months cleaning. I thought my hands were going to die on my wrists, they were so dry and tattered from scrubbing and chemicals.

Now we are settled, everything is cleaned and unpacked, and despite my brick and mortar job throwing a curve ball at me last week, things should be normalizing a bit. *knocks on wood*

Onward! To the Rambling!

Black Panther: We went to the earliest possible showing our town had and it was amazing.  Lupita Nyong’o lights up the entire world when she smiles, and is probably part unicorn. Danai Gurira makes bad ass look beautiful, and I will carry the image of her in a red dress with a golden spear close to my heart for many moons to come. Chadwick Boseman can say a thousand words with his eyes alone, and I know it’s a little dated- but I bet he would kill in a silent film. Letita Wright is Queen of Memes and I could listen to her talk science all day. Could someone get her in a room with Tony and Bruce so she can run circles around them with her humor and intelligence? Every relationship felt so real, every women was so strong- yet gracious and kind. And the little “Hi.” we got from T’challa when he fist sees Nakia? Literally perfect. In fact every interaction they had was perfect. Hands down the best couple in the MCU.

Star Wars The Last Jedi: Of course we saw this, I know it was a while ago, but I have to say… Give me the sound of Laura Dern warpspeeding into an Imperial Fleet any day. GO DR. SATTLER, GO! The fight against Snoke’s guards was one of the coolest and most well-choreographed fights I have seen… ever? And I could not get enough of the Tai Fighters tearing up that salt crystal planet. My main problems?

  • The humor sometimes fell pretty flat, or was just plain awkward. Unless it was General Hux. He’s like the Percy Weasley of the Imperials.
  • Not enough Maz! Don’t tease me like that- I love her! Especially now that I know she is played by the Luminescent Lupita Nyong’o.
  • Admiral Holdo saying “God speed, rebels.” Can’t we leave gods out of this?
  • The Kiss at the End. I’ll admit, I am a fierce believer in Stormpilot Love, but regardless- Rose could have come into her own without also falling for Finn. It seemed rushed and unneeded, and I feel like Poe choosing to save someone rather then sacrifice them (as he had in the beginning of the movie) would have been a good way for the character to show his growth.
  • Never enough Gwendolyn Christie.

On the bright side, I managed to spoil myself for almost nothing in the movie- so the Porgs were a delightful surprise, as well as everything Luke did. I cried almost every single time Carrie Fisher spoke, and I think this final film is an honor to both her and the character she helped create.

Stardew Valley: Maybe I have already clocked close to two hundred hours in this game… maybe not. I’m not saying. But I will say that I love it! It’s fun, relaxing and easily mod-able, all things I love for a game to be. The challenges lie in time and energy management, as well as gathering resources, and it’s great being in control of an entire farm that I can plan as I see fit. The sprinklers alone are an improvement on other similar titles- though I do have some caveats. I wish the characters (especially the males) were more attractive and kind! I’m not asking for much here, just… no mullets or alcohol abuse. But, like I said, it is easy to mod- so I’ve changed character sprites and portraits as well as made the conversations ones I’d actually like to be a part of.

Fall Out Boy: They dropped a new album, and I am currently listening to it. It’s a little discordant and I am confused as to why the digital track listing is different from the physical. “Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea” is the opener for the actual CD, and like every other opener Fall Out Boy has made it a powerful, blood thundering explosion of mental disturbance and bright triumph. I’ve loved them since “Chicago is so Two Years Ago” way back in 2003, and while “American Idiot/American Psycho” wasn’t my favorite thing they’ve done- I love Patrick’s voice and Pete’s words too much to not give them a fair try. So far it’s doesn’t have any of the anthems that Save Rock and Roll or earlier albums had, but it’s not bad either. Except for “Young and Menace”, I don’t think I like that one.

Lisa Frank: There’s a movie in the works? Apparently? I am ready to dive headfirst into galaxies of dessert and space kittens, personally. I have the heart of a rainbow cheetah anyway- finally my life story will be brought the big screen.

Tempest and Slaughter, by Tamora Pierce: I am reading this right now. I AM READING THIS RIGHT NOW. It’s so enjoyable that I keep forgetting to pay attention to what the author is doing. It’s so enjoyable that often I forget what I am doing. It’s so enjoyable I want to repeat everything I say about it. No, seriously though. Getting to see how Arram became Numair and grow into the man we met at the beginning of The Immortals Quartet is delightful- and gods, I just realized one of the next two books will most likely deal with how he meets Alanna, and I AM SO READY.

Pacific Rim, Uprising: Giant robots and giant monsters? I am here for this. I will always be here for this. I am ready to follow Jon Boyega literally anywhere, especially if it involves giant robots. Have I mentioned I love them? Macross? Gundam? Transformers? (Not Bay versions) I love them. If I was in Ready Player One you better believe I’d be in a hybrid giant robot and I WOULD BE READY. OK, this has devolved into me being excited about GIANT ROBOTS. But I spent my entire childhood hoping the military would figure out the tech so I could sign up. Now I’m too old, so I guess I’ll live the dream through the big screen.

Failing Up by Leslie Odom Jr: Oh, you mean my favorite actor from Hamilton is publishing a book? Oh, it comes out this month? If he doesn’t read his own book for Audible or a similar company I will feel infinitely cheated. The man’s diction is enough to make me weak in the knees, his singing voice makes them give out completely. He made me want to by Nationwide Insurance, for gods sake! I love that he got to sing America The Beautiful at the Superbowl,  and joined the Schulyr Sisters in the ranks of those members of Hamilton wowing a crowd that may never take the time to watch or listen to a Broadway production.

Loreena Mckennit: She is releasing a new album, titled Lost Souls, on May 11th. You may only be familiar with her through the closing theme of the move Ever After, but if you enjoy folk music heavily influenced by both Eastern and Celtic styles, as well as classic poetry (Think Keats and Yeats) turned to song, then I cannot recommend her enough. Her voice is haunting, beautiful, and heart breaking, I especially recommend “All Souls Night”, “The Wind That Shakes the Barley”, and “Mummers Dance” (of course) to get you started.

That’s it at the moment, I’ve got a short story to edit and some poetry to work on, not to mention playing catch up with The Damn Novel. Next time will no doubt involve Infinity War talk and gods know what else. Here’s wishing you all luck in the shadows till then.


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