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The Geekery: Report #02

This is late because my husband, cat, and I just finished moving to a new apartment. Moving is exhausting, especially because we were trying to get our cleaning deposit back after living in the same place for eight+ years, and then when we got to our new place we found the cleaners had done a horrendous job- so I essentially spent two months cleaning. I thought my hands were going to die on my wrists, they were so dry and tattered from scrubbing and chemicals.

Now we are settled, everything is cleaned and unpacked, and despite my brick and mortar job throwing a curve ball at me last week, things should be normalizing a bit. *knocks on wood*

Onward! To the Rambling!

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Book Reviews

Book Review: A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, by Mackenzi Lee

Oh, how I wanted to like this book. Oh, how I set forth into it’s pages with the golden promise of a beautiful dawn setting my path aglow. Anchored fast by the scores of joyous online reviews and the exuberance of one of the employees of my local bookstore, who was a veritable font of praise and excitement at seeing this book about to be devoured by another soon-to-be-delighted reader.

Little did I know the road that had lead so many others to happiness and satisfaction would lead me to the cliffs of hollow obligation and disappointment.

My copy of “A Gentleman’s Guide” on it’s way to the donation bin of a local thrift shop.

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