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Book Review: The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss

First of all, allow me to say that this was a beautiful story, even though (as Mr. Rothfuss says) it does not do the things a traditional story does. It is nonetheless pure delight, and hard to put down because of it. Some people were disappointed in this novella because of it’s lack of focus on Kvothe, or because they feel Mr. Rothfuss should only work on the next novel of the King Killer Chronicles- this story is not for them.


As the Afterward says, this book is for all the fucked up people, you can look into this fragmented story and see a reflection of yourself, like a mirror shattered on the ground. There were moments I had to put the book down and simply be amazed at how perfectly Patrick Rothfuss got it, how he captured in words the frantic-bird-flight of the heart, the way the world suddenly turns on it’s head, comes rushing at you all at once, and every press of cloth, every shaft of light, feels like daggers to the throat. But he also captured moonlight with his words, cartwheels and soft songs. You have to read it to understand, and even then you might not- but I firmly believe it’s worth it to dive into the darkness with Auri, to see and feel the world alongside her, as she waits for a visit from Kvothe…

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What I failed to completely read in 2017

Better late then never! Alright, I’ll be honest- I forgot to post this. It’s OK, it still holds truth!

What a year, what a year. Half given to intense bouts of depression and anxiety, I did however manage to wade through a total of twenty four books. Here’s a look back at the ones I just could not finish, which is saying a lot, considering the last time I didn’t finish a narrative was Blackwood Farm by Anne Rice, all the way back in 2002. And while none of these ended with me screaming in frustration and throwing the book at the wall like that did, they were still… not necessarily enjoyable. Also, spoilers.

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