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The Geekery: Report #01

I’ve been struggling these last few months with everything deciding on a balance between keeping a blog that showcases my work and one that appeals to me on a more… nerdy level. It can’t all be book reviews and poetry, vignettes and photography- because that’s not true to who I am. I considered starting a secondary blog for it, but I don’t update this one enough as is, so forget that. Then I asked myself why I was putting these limitations on myself; this is my blog, after all, I can make of it what I want.

You see, here’s the thing, I hate love to write, feel naked without my camera, and obviously I read, but I’m a third generation gamer, whose grandmother got an Atari soon after they were released. She taught me how to hold a joystick, how to play Pong, how to avoid that damn shark in Fishing Derby. My mother gave me the gift of Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt, my father Dragon Warrior and Shadowgate, and both of them played Legend of Zelda. There were copies of Silver Surfer and Thomas Covenant laying around the house, and anime was just starting to be aired on American television…

OK, OK, so what am I trying to get at here? I’m a nerd, all those things that are shoved under the umbrella of geekery I am into. And it’s no fun pretending I’m not. I have role-played a High Elf (A Chaotic Good Warlock Moon Elf whose patron was Lurue, in case you were wondering) in Dungeons and Dragons, I have gone to anime conventions, I have written fan fiction for obscure pairings like Gippal/Baralai (Final Fantasy X2) and Nick/Greg (CSI), I have sorted myself in a Hogwarts House (Ravenclaw) and discovered my Patronus (Newfoundland Dog). I imprinted on Matt Smith as The Doctor, and haven’t been able to love anyone more then him except David Tenant but only when he has Martha. I always have a towel, I watched The Return of the Jedi on VHS until the tape stopped working. I reread the Lord of the Rings every year and have watched the original Peter Jackson trilogy more times then I can count. Every Thursday you’ll find me watching Critical Role (and Tuesday Talks Machina), I am a nerd, and I love it…

Below the cut is talk of Thor: Ragnarok, World of Warcraft, Death Stranding, Jurrasic Park, Oceans 8, and Dark Phoenix. Warnings include: Mild Spoilers, a love of Jeff Goldblum, bitterness over the Horde, and the occasional curse word.

First of all, Thor: Ragnarok. Finally, I got the movie I wanted out of this continuity. Bye bye Jane, bye bye your unfunny friend- Here we have Jeff Goldblum making life better as The Grandmaster, with lines written specifically with the actor in mind. While he is not the Grandmaster I imagined, he is the Grandmaster I needed. His interactions with literally everyone, but especially Rachel House, were wonderful. It’s almost disappointing when Thor does finally break free of the arena, because that meant our time with Jeff Goldblum was over.

Cate Blanchett gave us a vision of what life in Middle Earth would be like if she had taken the Ring of Power from Frodo. Hela was dangerous and cruel and Blanchett seemed to revel in it, not to mention the women’s voice was made for poetry and godhood. Having Hela around gave Thor reason to be the god he is, instead of a super hero, and I liked it.

Also, Loki and Thor at the destroyed sight of the retirement home where Odin was last seen gave me an immediate and strong desire to have those two play Crowley and Aziraphale in Good Omens. I am not a fan of David Tenant’s auburn haired Crowley, or Michael Sheen’s bleached hair. It’s just so… glaringly dyed, why would an angel and a demon do that? In my heart though, I see Tom and Chris feeding the ducks, speaking of the apocalypse and appearing to be either spies or boyfriends or both. And can you imagine those two having the drunk “ocean full of brains” conversation. My life feels so hollow now, knowing it won’t happen. The point is dolphins.

I loved Valkyrie as well, my heart given as soon as she powered her gauntlets and controlled her ship’s guns with them (god, I want that. I WANT THAT). Her knife fight with Loki was wonderful, Tessa Thompson has the best smile and please can we see her in full plate armor because that is the best thing. I was so glad to not have any romance shoehorned in, though I was disappointed that mention of her bisexuality was removed from the final cut. There’s hope that when the movie is released however, we’ll be allowed to see more of Valkyrie. Also, the dress she wore to the Emmy’s is better then everything.

Other highlights included the moment Thor took one of Hulk’s hammers in their arena match. Everything Taika Waititi’s character Korg said or did. Everything  Taika Waititi wears. Thor and Bruce Banner’s failed fist bump. Loki not(!) tricking Thor and Dr. Strange vetoing Loki from being allowed on Earth.  AND IDRIS ELBA AS HEIMDALL OWNS MY SOUL, please send me on a spirit journey.

Next up on the list…

Blizz Con happened, which means a new World of Warcraft expansion was announced. You can watch the cinematic for Battle for Azeroth here, and even if you don’t know a thing about the Warcraft universe it’s worth a watch. Blizzard has consistently made some of the best trailers of any game developers and this one did not disappoint. Getting to see Sylvanas go full Banshee Queen is amazing, and when she screams it gave me chills, but…

I have a lot of conflicting emotions about this expansion. On one hand I have loved the character arc of Anduin Wrynn, which the Warcraft story has followed since his birth, and was thrilled to see him in full Stormwind armor, commanding his army. But… on the other hand, it destroyed me. His father died not long ago, his mother passed years before. From a young age, Anduin has attempted to reconcile a peace between the Horde and Alliance, even in the face of Grommash’s madness and lust for battle. But the World Tree will burn, and the Alliance must act.

My only hope is that the story gives us good reason for these acts of aggression. It’s been many years since I felt like the story of Warcraft gave us hope, more often then not it focuses on what divides us, on using anger as a weapon. Mists of Pandaria was my favorite expansion for multiple reasons, but especially because it felt as though you walked a path of redemption, not just for yourself, but for an entire continents worth of people. Draenor threw you into a past that had no effect on Azeroth’s future, and left you feeling as though your struggle meant nothing. And watching Ysera fall in Legion was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in a video or computer game. My hope that in Battle for Azeroth your character looks to unite the warring factions and bring a lasting peace to the world. Yet, somehow I doubt that is what the developers have in mind.

Next up- Death Stranding. An eight minute trailer of Hideo Kojima’s upcoming video game revealed more questions then answers, questions that I’m not even entirely sure how to phrase. I’m inclined to say it leans towards a post apocalyptic narrative, with the mention of a new Big Bang and the impact sight we see at the end of the cinematic. But then what is happening to our nameless explorers? What is it that is devouring them? Aging them? Scaring them so badly they would rather die then succumb to whatever it is that hunts them. I’m looking forward to a twisted, intelligent and wonderful psychological thriller, and I don’t think Kojima will disappoint. I regret endlessly that the world will never see Silent Hills, but at least we will be allowed to see what Kojima is capable of when employed by a company who trusts him.

Jurassic Park.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

The trailer happened.

Alright, you bastards- you’ve got me. I’ll go because Jeff Goldblum.

BUT- I really hope that Bryce Dallas Howard’s character Clair is more practical and intelligent. How disappointing it was to go from Dr. Sattler to Clair Dearing. Also, did you have to reveal the T Rex save IN THE TRAILER? Wow guys, just wow. Couldn’t keep that one in the bag, could you? Goddammit, my love of dinosaurs shouldn’t cause me trouble, but I have a feeling I’ll see this movie and be disappointed. The baby velociraptor thing is so… *sighs* No one should go back to the island. Don’t listen to Jack, this isn’t Lost.

Oceans 8! Oceans 8! With Cate Blanchette and Anne Hathaway and Rhianna. I never knew I wanted this as badly as I do until I found it was happening. Just, you know… give them a good script, because not all the Oceans movies have that…

On a final note, Sophie Turner as Phoenix looks pretty legit- Jean Grey was never my favorite member of the X Team, but this movie might give me a chance to change my mind. I haven’t given half a damn about the X Men movies since they ruined Remy “Where is my accent” Lebeau in 2009. Now, if I could just get that Storm Origin story I’ve been hoping for to be announced.

And that’s it. Now to work up the bravery to post this. Which is a strange thing to need to do, considering I post original work without as much trepidation…

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