Original Poetry

Original Poetry: A Tiding of Shadow

A Tiding of Shadow
by Jessica Rasmussen

Mist lingers low amid orchard and vine,
Crow-ghosts cawing from the foxtail pine.
Blood on the brambles like the sweetest of wine,
See the grain fall ‘neath the reaping blades shine.
As August’s last days to darkness will yield,
The sky is smoke-laden as they torch the fields,
It hangs like a veil over village and weald,
And within it’s shadow waits a darkness concealed.

The coven in the corn, they are calling-
The leaves from the bough, they are falling-
In the night it appears, broken and crawling,
Singing songs with a voice so enthralling.
When the forest is laced with shadow and drear,
And pale hands reach from the depths of the mere,
Scarecrow watching can’t guard against fear,
Not when frost lingers and darkness draws near.

A voice from the wheat field is calling to me,
As I search for answers on All Hollow’s Eve.
There are old gods to waken and spells to weave
Graveyards to dance in and devils decieve.
A flame in the window will guide spirits home,
On these cold Autumn nights when the dead set to roam.
So follow the flicker ‘lest you’re lost to the gloam,
To wander the ether in the dead’s catacomb.

For Autumn comes riding, rime-laced and fair
The four winds he’ll race to lay forests bare.
So light me a candle and wait for me there,
A thing of crow ghosts and frost laden hair.

Happy Halloween everyone, hope your October was good to you…

Mine was one of the hardest months I’ve ever had to get through- it still is too painful to write or dwell overlong on certain parts of it, though I hope to dedicate an entry to the tiny flame we sheltered in our home for too short a time. Simply writing that out hurt, and I’ve spent enough time on tears this month. Someday soon, I’ll tell the story of Pike, too short though it may be, so that it is preserved forever, unlike his life.

Go out and live tonight, for out time is short and precious, and too often we take what we have for granted.

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