Original Poetry

Original Poetry: The Sea Serpent

August seventh marks a famous sea serpent sighting in 1804 by the crew of the HMS Daedalus. I’ve had a love of sea monsters and giant squid since I first saw 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and I devour any sighting or documentary pertaining to the giant squid.

So, in honor of sea serpents and lake monsters everywhere, I present to you…


The Sea Serpent.

From the depths of twilight sleep,
Coils slip and slowly wake,
Unfurling from the ocean deep;
The darkling ocean drake.

Down in the dark and waiting fathoms,
Passed pearl strung maids and whale song
In the deepest, coldest chasm
Stretching several miles long.

Scars weave a course across it’s skin
Made by tentacle and fang
Blackened scale and blood red fin
Of which the siren’s sang

A thousand years it’s waited there
Dreaming it’s dark dreams
Now it rises from it’s lair
Woken by sailor’s screams

Scales gleam with shades of night
Eyes aglow like eclipsed moons
It’s teeth are blades, sharp and bright
And it will be rising soon.

First the ocean swells will still
As if it holds it’s breath
But it is waiting for the kill
The waves are waiting for your death.

Then the waters begin to boil
As out of the sea it will surge.
Around the ship it will coil
As it’s glowing eyes emerge

For there is a hunger, there is a need
Yet there is no tale to be said
It is driven, so it will feed
And leave not even the dead

There will be no witness, no survivor left in sight
Only shattered hulls and broken masts
And a sea that’s deathly quiet.

Back to the depths of oceans deep
Coils return to darkling dreams
There it will linger, in it’s half-sleep
Waiting for sailor’s screams.

Original poetry by Jessica A. Rasmussen, please do not use without my express permission.

2 thoughts on “Original Poetry: The Sea Serpent

  1. Hi – I love your poem and wondered if I could share it on our learning plan for my class next week as we are doing a project on the age of exploration and sea monsters feature this week.

    Kind regards

    Michelle Verdon


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