Monday Morning Photography

Monday Morning Photography

It must be said, even though I am a small voice in a cacophony of song; My United States stands for everyone, no exclusions. Acts of violence are deplorable, condemnable, but they are not a generalizations embraced by entire cultures, peoples, countries. We forget too easily the walls that we have brought down in the past. We don’t think about the people we see going home to families, worrying about the bills, falling in love. Experiencing things through the same set of neurons and synapse that the rest of us do. It shouldn’t have to be said, but we will keep saying it till then; Being different is OK, and you should not have to be afraid to be who you are, believe what you do, or look how you feel you should. We see you, and we want you here.


I’ve been slacking these last couple of weeks with the whole blog thing. I’m gearing up for the third draft of my novel, which has left me going scene by scene and examining the themes and connection to the plot and story. But I do have some writing to post soon, especially now that I’m settling into my new work schedule.


The first two days I had to myself were almost surreal; I haven’t had four consecutive days off in years; and suddenly here I am, left to my own devices. I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually, but right now it feels like I’m on vacation every week. In a way you start work full time in school, and even though those early years are fun, there’s no avoiding the dwindling enjoyment and increased workload as time progress.


Of course, I worked non stop(!) those two days I had to myself. My “breaks” were cleaning the apartment a bit or exercising. But it doesn’t feel like a chore, it feels like a relief.


Hope your day is good to you. I’m going to be so good to this day it asks me out to tea afterwards. And it will feel obligated to pick up the tab because I was so charming, but it will get to the register and find I’ve already paid. Oh snap.


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