Monday Morning Photography

Monday Morning Photography


Yesterday, amidst the sleet and grey skies, running through the gusting winds, I had a sudden strong urge for summer. The middle of summer, to be specific, when it’s a glorious 100+ degrees Fahrenheit, and every morning starts with a riot of bird song, and the wind is still, waiting for September.

What better time to revisit a summer’s day spent at the river? The Yuba is dangerous most of the year, but once the snow melt runs through to the sea and the flood waters recede, it’s warm, clear waters and quartz-strewn banks will welcome us back.


I find myself still analyzing this last year- and how many of the choices I made didn’t play out like I hoped. Perhaps it’s a sign to put the past behind me for good, as I don’t think it wants me around anyway.


My husband and I attended a concert Saturday evening put on by the Sacramento Philharmonics. We enjoyed L’Italiana in Algeri, Overture, by Rossini as a spectacular opener, though I found myself a little underwhelmed by the technical nature of Haydn’s Symphony No. 101 in D major, “The Clock”.

The real reason we went was for Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. If you enjoy classical music I cannot say enough about hearing this performed live. It was phenomenal! The conductor for all three pieces was was Andres Cardenes, who also played the lead solo pieces for The Four Seasons, with Dan Flanagan joining him as concert master. Dan’s playing is pure delight, I’m still carrying around his rendition of the Schindler’s List theme, and am transported to that dark theater almost instantly, the quiet sound of weeping filtering in from the shadows…


Love and hope to all, I’ll be switching over to my part-time schedule at my Outside World job this week, and am excited to start developing this blog more. Raise a glass to hard work and freedom, and dreams that they can never take away (No matter what they tell you).

Yes, my life is still 87% Hamilton, I refused to be judged, because Alexander would too.

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