Original Poetry

Freedom Light

She awoke, to find she’d been dreaming,
She awoke to find a light gleaming,
There in the distance, so golden and faint,
She awoke to find she’d been dreaming.

She arose to find she’d been laying,
She arose to find they’d been praying,
For her to be quiet, for her to stay still,
She arose, she was tired of staying.

She strode towards that far-off faint light,
She strode passed the limits of sight,
Into the shadows and into the wild,
She strode far away from their spite.

She struggled and fought to be free of their shame,
She struggled and fought and walked through the flame,
Unscathed and unbroken, no longer afraid,
Born again
to the freedom
she meant to reclaim.

She made a place for herself far away,
She made a home for her light to stay,
Away from their hatred, away from their ire,
She would keep all their demons at bay.

She burned all the brighter from her journey through hell,
She burned all her bridges, she tolled every bell,
There was no backward glance as she walked away,
She burned like a forest that no one could fell.

She basked in the light of the freedom she made,
She basked and she gloried, no longer afraid,
Of a time spent in shadow, in others regrets,
She reveled in glory, her light like a blade.

She cut through the shadows, she cut through the night,
She cut open the darkness, to let in the light,
It was there, in light’s bleeding, she found her kingdom,
Where she was the dragon, and she was the knight.

Every story was hers, to tell and be told,
Every tale was wondrous, every story was bold,
Filled with joy and forgiveness, pride and respect,
And the every day hope of a light made of gold.

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