Life Essays


Why does it feel as though the light is dimming, when it should have flared it’s brightest?

Why does it feel as though we’ve been betrayed? We step out into a world unchanged, and yet… I feel as though we’re on the edge of a precipice. The apathy of an older generation will kill us all, the apathy of our parents generation, their ignorance, their mistrust. They never used to have to care about what lay beyond the edge of their narrow sight, it seems they were raised on backyard baseball games and shooting tin cans, riding their ten-speed to a corner market that is kinder to them in their memories then it ever really was.

Were they raised to care like we were? Were they raised to accept and appreciate people for who they are, not their sex, religion, or race? Or were they raised to believe they were privileged, special, that someone else would lift them up, that it had nothing to do with education, with respect, with truth. How did we grow so distant from one another? How did the generation that brought ours into existence become so afraid?

We’re still here, this undervalued generation, treated as though we are nothing but complaints with no justification. While we work full time, go home and keep working, attend protests and rallies, go to school, read and write, think and feel. We fight against every war, ever attack upon our fellow human, we fight for our planet, we fight for our future.

Maybe I am bitter, maybe I haven’t been afforded the chance to meet many people who are different… But my grandmother will be ninety five this month, and she saw no truth in a promise to make this country great again. She watched us fight our way through the Great Depression, she watched our struggle through the second World War. She knows greatness lies in the kindness we show to one another in the darkest hour, she knows our value is only as high as we hold it in each other. Her father’s parents were immigrants from Germany, they spoke little English, were ostracized by their neighbors and worked long hours in dangerous conditions, she knows things take a long time to change.

We are that change.

Don’t let it die, don’t let the fear turn you dark inside. We are still here, we are many, and our love is our greatest weapon. Let us hold each other up, no matter the weight, let us light the way, in spite of encroaching darkness.

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