No Words.

No Words.

Just crushing disappointment. America was given the chance to choose tomorrow over a dark past, hope over discrimination, change over regression, love over hate. And some of us did…

I am sorry world, we have failed you. This is not just a defeat for the Democratic Party, for Hilary and all who voted for her. This is a defeat for climate reform, women’s rights, health care reform, education, immigrants, and any respect or alliance we may have gained through President Obama. This is a defeat of morals, of decency. Here is a man who again and again spoke nothing but nonsense, used hateful, bigoted language, made a fool of himself over and over, lied, and never actually told us anything useful or real about his presidency, and he still was voted into office by states who seem to think the rich actually care for them on a personal level, who think that this man who exports most of his work outside of the country for cheap labor, is going to help them.

We are all defeated today.

(I know I haven’t updated recently; but I do have a post in the works. It will be a struggle to find words other then ones of despair and outrage for some time, but at this point… the words are all I have.)


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