Tired of Fear

Tired of Fear

Like standing on the edge of forever, taking that deep breath before the plunge, I can see the worlds end, I can see the galaxies unfurling, feel them in my blood, the slow shift of dark matter, holding us together, tearing us apart. Every ounce of my being vibrating with potential, with lessons learned, absorbed, drawn in like a cloak around me.

The sun is shining, the robins and crows fly, the swift cut of a wing beat, thunderous beside my heart. Chilled and eyes closed, seeing forever and ever, deep breath, taste your own potential, know that it is never limited by what other’s think of you, what labels people try to put upon you. You are so much more then the titles bestowed upon you, you are an amalgamation of things, but other people don’t get to decide how you see yourself. They may see you as a daughter, a son. A husband, a wife. Their worker, their care taker, even their whole world. But you know you are starlight and fire, you are everything you have ever touched, ever tasted, ever felt in the quiet hours of the morning, staring out into the shadows, wishing, wishing, wishing.

You are the slow shift of evening light, the grey green of old oaks, the scent of willow and reed, the song of the red winged black bird. You are bare feet and summer heat, meteor showers and gardens in in full bloom. Parts of you rest upon distant shores, in the pebbled sand and worn rocks, on concert hall floors, amidst the dust and glitter. On city streets and dirty subway cars. You are sweat and blood and tears of fury and furious joy. You are not your defeats, you are every moment that you triumphed, and those are the things you should carry with you. Not burdens, but beacons, great shining lights the unfurl into eternity, leaving a luminous trail of stardust and fire, a blazing path for those you love to follow as you scorch the earth with your passion.




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