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My Novel Writing Battles: Part One

It was almost a year ago I set out with only one goal in mind; to write my first novel.

I had found myself at a crossroads, spurred by my twenty-eighth birthday and an encroaching sense of doom. I’ve spent my twenties working a dead-end job that usually leaves me emotionally and physically exhausted at the end of every day. I needed something to give me hope, or at least a long term distraction.

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Book Reviews

Book Review: Martin Marten by Brian Doyle

Published in Spring of 2015, Martin Marten is Brian Doyle’s fourth novel and most recent body of work, it is a coming of age novel written in a lyrical style similar to Gary Paulsen. In this Oregon, mysteries and magic wander alongside the common and day to day.

Our tale begins following the life of Dave, a fourteen year old boy growing up on Mt. Hood, or as it is referred to through the course of the tale, Wy’east. His story runs parallel to the life of Martin, a newly born pine marten, and the smaller stories of a eclectic community living a unique way of life in Oregon.

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